Welcome to the developer site for the Global Data Plane (GDP). GDP is a middleware that provides a data-centric glue for swarm applications. The basic primitive is that of a secure single-writer append-only log stored on potentially untrusted distributed infrastructure. Logs natively support a publish-subscribe mode, making GDP a communication tool. At the same time, data in a GDP log can be stored for long-term in a fault-tolerant manner, thus making it an ideal tool for data-storage.

For more information about GDP, see the following publications:
- Toward a Global Data Infrastructure
- The Cloud is Not Enough: Saving IoT from the Cloud

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Latest news

GDP: Preview of GDP version 2.1
A high level overview of changes we expect to deliver in GDP version 2.1.
Added by Eric Allman about 2 months ago

GDP: Updated Version of GDP Coming
New version of the GDP to be delivered soon. It will have changes incompatible with the old version.
Added by Eric Allman 6 months ago

GDP: gdp-02 and gdp-04 unavailable
Added by Eric Allman 6 months ago

GDP: GDP 0.8.2 released
Added by Eric Allman over 1 year ago

GDP: GDP maintenance completed
Added by Eric Allman over 1 year ago

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