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Create a GDP public release

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The GDP seems fairly close to being releasable to the public.

Perhaps the SwarmLab meeting on November 15 would be a good time to announce the release schedule.

Below are some reasons to go ahead with a release:

GDP Development started in May, 2014, it is time for a release!

If the repo was public, we could use static analysis tools like Coverity Scan.

Having the docs publicly available would help with searching via Google.

Part of doing a public release would be to have a public mailing list that was searchable. Having a gdp-devel and a gdp-users list might be a good split.


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Where is the .tar or .zip download of a snapshot of a known good working GDP?

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I took this issue to mean making the repo publicly available. We have done that. I see now that you meant that you want us to do another formal release. In view of the fact that your group is supremely unhappy with the state of the GDP right now, I think it would be irresponsible to produce an actual "release" that might be implied to be stable. Since I misinterpreted the meaning of the issue I have put this back to "New" status, since no new formal release is forthcoming at this time.

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The repo was made public some time ago, and although we didn't create a Debian package it was available. We are looking at doing nifty packaging (packages/containers) soon.

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