Bug #96

Existing subscription resend previous records sent when reestablishing connection to GDPLOGD

Added by Rico Maestro about 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Since our gdplogd is still crashing (bug #76), I've made a script that checks if the gdplogd is still responding and will restart it if it's not. Now, the client (just the in the apps folder) still works without error but for subscriptions, records that have been returned before restarting gdplogd by get_next_event were returned again after the client re-subscribes.

Attached is the output of the client with gdp.dbg_set("*=30") setting. The tuples (x,y) printed are the parsed data. GDPLOGD was restarted at line 1380.

out.log Magnifier (140 KB) Rico Maestro, 03/07/2017 07:44 PM


#1 Updated by Eric Allman about 7 years ago

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Rico, my apologies. I've been trying to fix issue #76, which has involved far more extensive changes than I had hoped. I've made progress, but my changes have created other problems, including resource exhaustion (subscriptions aren't being expunged properly). The problem you are seeing is one I've already fixed but haven't pushed yet. The good news is that the crashes aren't happening any more. The bad news is that there are even more serious bugs.

On gdp-01 I've reverted to commit:ebf83f8e, which I hope at least has familiar bugs. My top priority right now is to get this fixed. If I can't get it fixed tomorrow (Wednesday) there may be some delay since I'm leaving town for Japan on Thursday morning, but I'll work from there if necessary.

#2 Updated by Eric Allman about 7 years ago

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This should be fixed now. Please give it another try.

#3 Updated by Eric Allman about 7 years ago

Rico, is this resolved now?

#4 Updated by Eric Allman almost 7 years ago

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I'm closing this because I'm pretty sure it has been fixed and I haven't heard back from Rico to the contrary.

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