Updated Version of GDP Coming

New version of the GDP to be delivered soon. It will have changes incompatible with the old version.
Added by Eric Allman almost 6 years ago

We will soon roll out an updated version of the Global Data Plane (GDP) with new functionality and better suited for continuing our research agenda. However, it will not be 100% compatible with the previous version. We'll continue to run the old system in parallel with the new system for a short time, but at some point you will need to do an upgrade if you need continuing service.

If you are using the legacy GDP, please let us know as soon as possible exactly what you are using, notably:

  • The C API library.
  • The Python API.
  • Java and/or Javascript API.
  • Command line clients (gdp-reader, gdp-writer, etc.)
  • The RESTful interface.
  • The Websockets interface.
  • The visualization interface at

This information will help us prioritize where we put our effort. Please send feedback to

If you are interested in the new version, please subscribe to the news feed at to get an announcement when it becomes available.

[To subscribe you will need to be a registered user and then click the "Watch" button on the news page. If you're not already registered, click the "Register" button at the top left of the screen. See the home page ( for the registration policy.]