GDP v2.1.14 pushed to repo

Added by Eric Allman almost 5 years ago

I've pushed version 2.1.14 to the central repo. Primary changes include:

  • Better delivery of some error messages (e.g., 409 CONFLICT).

  • Addition of a -d flag to gdp-name-add to delete an entry in the Human-Oriented Name to GDPname Directory (HONGD). This requires a separate SQL account (hongd_admin) that has DELETE permission.

  • Updates to HONGD initialization to support the new hongd_admin account. This also adds three SQL "roles" to the gdp_hongd database: hongd_reader (SELECT permission), hongd_update (APPEND permission), and hongd_admin (ALL permission). New accounts can be added and assigned these roles to get the necessary permissions without giving out the passwords to the system accounts.

  • A new convenience view human_to_printable has been added to show the internal name in BASE64 format. Note that this is subtly different than what the GDP users; instead of - and _ to encode values 62 and 63, are used the values are printed as + and /. GDPnames use the different encoding so they can be embedded into URIs without further encoding.

  • Several other minor bug fixes and debugging enhancements.