• GDP


    This project covers the core GDP functionality. In particular, this is home for the client-side C library, various language bindings around the C-library, log-server, various utilities around it, and some little projects related to the Urban Heartbeat. We hope to eventually clean it up and migrate components other than the core functionality (such as Urban Heartbeat stuff) to their own independent projects. For an overview, see wiki....

    • GDP Interfaces

      Code that is not part of the GDP itself, but is used to transfer data in and out of the GDP.

    • gdp-raft

      Raft is a replicated state machine and one of the consensus protocol.
      This work makes Raft running on gdp-click routers where all processes are identified 256-bit flat name address (GUID).
      There are several reasons working on it.

      • A first reason is to use Raft for a multi-writer case as a sequencer....
  • GDP Router

    This serves as the umbrella project for different versions of the GDP Router. The GDP router is at the core of the routing framework in the GDP network. The earliest version of the GDP router is based on Python, while later versions leverage the Click Modular Router....

  • GDPv1 Prototype

    A prototype with tightened security and a variety of miscellaneous (but important) features.

    For a bucket list of features, see wiki

  • Others

    An umbrella project for all other projects (except GDP and GDP Router).

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