Debian Notes


Debian package
- Definition: collection of files that allow for apps/libraries to be distributed via debian package management system
- Purpose: allow automation of installing/upgrading/configuring/removing computer programs in consistent manner
- Consists of 1 source package component and 1+ binary package components


Central concepts:
- upstream tarball: the .tar.gz or .tgz file that is given by a software maker for packaging; exactly what debian takes and builds a package out of
- source package: made from the upstream tarball
- binary package: built from the source package and this is what actually gets installed

Source package consists of 3 files (at its simplest form):
- upstream tarball
- debian directory + files created for Debian package (.debian.tar.gz ending)
- description file which lists the other two files (must have .dsc ending)

Packaging Work Flow:
- 1. Rename upstream tarball
- 2. Unpack the upstream tarball
- 3. Add the Debian packaging files
- 4. Build the package
- 5. Install the package

Neil's Brainstorming:
- we want to set up a package that allows developers to easily set up data logging on their system
- right now, we are retrieving the data through python scripts
- somehow need to figure out how that script will write to our main mysql database
- but we don't want to give them total access so hmm.

Click here for resources regarding how to package files.