Table of Progress:

- incorporate all old features from visualization with new data
- make sure visualization works with all browsers (safari, internet explorer, etc.)
- enable edit of human name for everything except routers (should add a uniform id property to all entities)
- enable search feature (via base 64 id)

To Do:
- Work on wiki (describe purpose of visualization - what's it going to solve? who are the different groups of people using it? what's the value of it?)
- Work on fixing wiki format (add table for documenting progress??)
- Add tutorial to wiki so anyone can download source code and run on local machine; also describe how I set up swarmbox, my own computer, my own server provided I need to replicate it
- Able to Highlight Path from Client to Server
- Work on graphics + UI (usability; readability; practicality)
- Work on hover over link to get information regarding connection b/w entities
- Consider possibility of auto update (websocket??)
- Figure out what to do with text area on top right of page
- fix mouseover on downed router (icon should be part of obj)