GDP Deployment Notes

Data users email list created

If you would like to be notified of data anomalies or changes in the sensor actuator send an email to asking to be added to the email list,


Unless otherwise noted, the name of the corresponding logs are derived from the physical location (currently bwrc or swarmlab) and the lowercase MAC address:


For example, a sensor with MAC address C0:98:E5:30:00:03 in the immersion room (which is in swarmlab) will be named edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e5300003

Adding Sensors and Gateways

See Provisioning Sensors for instructions on how to add new sensors.

See Configuring Gateways for information about setting up gateway hosts (typically either BBBs or SwarmBoxes).


A minimal visualization tool is Here. Note that the list of sensors is manually updated for the moment, so it may not show all the sensors listed below.

Deployments at Berkeley

See Berkeley Sensor Deployments for information about the sensors currently deployed at Berkeley.