Note that log names are lower case and that some of the MACs are upper case. For example, a legitimate log name is:




  • To test, use gdp-reader:
$PTII/vendors/gdp/gdp/apps/gdp-reader -s edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e5900091
  • If you get a message about needing a secret key, then try updating and rebuilding the GDP

i3 Network control
Here are a few useful systemd commands for interaction with various components:

  • Check service status. Generally, the number of child 'arm-coap-client' should be the same as the number of nodes (except the root node)
    $ sudo service i3mote status

  • start/stop/restart the service (Note that there is a 20 second startup delay to allow things to settle after a reboot)
    $ sudo service i3mote

  • look at the logs of main wrapper
    $ journalctl -u i3mote.service

GDP Fun Facts

Deployment information:
- Server infrastructure: Berkeley, TU Berlin, PCARI, (possibly ETRI, NEC, Intel Ireland).
- Four GDP routers and log-servers at Berkeley.
- Current total logs (this is after a big cleanup 2 weeks ago that purged more than 25k logs): 2943
- Current total log storage: 101.2 GB
- Active logs: ~99 (logs that have new data in last 7 days and that are not junk create-and-forget logs)

Gateways and interfaces:

Client support
- C library (works on linux, freebsd, mac. Both for x86 and ARM -- raspberry pi and beaglebone black)
- Fully supported python bindings
- Partially supported Java and JavaScript bindings

- A RESTful gateway that provides log-creation/appends/reads
- A websocket gateway for subscriptions
- MQTT=>GDP gateway (for Michigan BLE sensors, i.e. BLEES, Blinks, Powerblades)
- CoAP=>GDP gateway (for TI i3motes)
- Accessors: Native for Capecode/Ptolemy (partially supported); via a gateway for any accessor hosts (fully supported)
- Audio/Video in GDP logs (via a GStreamer plugin)
- Bokeh based visualization front-end for data in logs
- IFTTT integration (not very much used, however)
- (soon) ROS for driving around robots
- (soon) ALPS data for indoor localization


  • All the things that accessors do (augmented reality being the latest)
  • Michigan environmental sensors (deployed in swarmlab, jacobs, bwrc, intel ireland, and soon clark-kerr)
  • TI i3motes (deployed in swarmlab, bwrc, and soon clark-kerr)
  • Michigan Signposts (I believe they have a few installed, at least one is pushing data already).
  • Machine learning with Jeff Bilmes and his team
  • User trained gesture recognition from accelerometer data (work from David Mellis), which is then used to move around a Roomba (Last October)
  • Drone trajectory plotting (Tajana's group's demo from last October)
  • Audio transcript data (Illinois folks from last October)
  • Elevator project with NEC

Infrastructure visualization (Neil's work):
Visualization of log-data:
Our current poor-man's directory service:

Berkeley Sensor Deployments



BWRC Server Room

Sensors and Gateways

  • BBB -
  • Rear Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:36
  • Mid Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:5D
  • Hot Aisle BLEE- C0:98:E5:30:00:54
  • Lab Rear Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:09
  • BLINK - C0:98:E5:90:00:1E
  • Power Blade - Utility power to sump pump - C0:98:E5:70:00:8F
  • Power Blade - Utility power to Air Compressor - C0:98:E5:70:00::90
  • USB Microphone - mounted on BBB

  • I3 Sensor tag Mid Wall

  • I3 Sensor tag, Lab rear wall

BWRC Office Area

Sensors and Gateways

  • - on Ken's desk
  • BLEE ~~ Main seating area - C0:98:E5:30:00:A5~~ Missing
    • Conference Room , Rabaey Room - C0:98:E5:30:00:A3
    • Admin Office - C0:98:E5:30:00:A4
    • Conference Room - Brodersen room - C0:98:E5:30:00:A2
    • Ken's Office - C0:98:E5:30:00:A1
    • Brian Office above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:A0
    • Center of student seating area, above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:37
  • Blink
    • Brodersen Conference Room C0:98:E5:90:00:87
    • Rabaey Conference room - C0:98:E5:30:00:94

*I3 Mesh Network uhkbbb011 Host
* I3 Mesh root node
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-4a-b9-05 - Grad area, Pillar outside Kens office, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-63-0c-81 - Kens Office, on window, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-4a-58-02- Brians Office, over thermostat - Sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-4b-38-83 - Kens Office, on desktop, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-55-c3-02 - Brodersen Conference Room, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-64-aa-04 - Rabaey Conference room, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-55-33-86 - Server Room mid wall, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-07-91-3c-82 - Main Student area, on pillar, sensor tag, wall powered
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-4c-58-80 - Lab rear wall, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0b-23-45-83 - Server Room, Hot isle, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-07-90-28-01 - Open forum, wall by south door, sensor tag, wall powered
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0c-2c-e3-86 - Optical lab wall, sensor tag, wall powered
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0c-31-b0-01 - Server room, rear wall, sensor tag
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-f7-da-83 - Rear of lab,over bench, i3 mote, energy harvesting
- EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0c-f7-d6-83 - Kens office window, i3 mote, energy harvesting

Operational Notes

  • 6-17-16 2:59PM Repaired broken Blink in server room. Was reading all zero, now detecting movement correctly.
  • 7/11/16 Fixed powerblade on air compressor - was installed backward. Data collected after 7/11 looks correct. Prior was in error. Note that energy accumulated goes to zero when powerblade was disconnected for inspection. Good marker.
  • 7/14/16 9:29AM Correlated spike in temperature and humidity for a short period of time across all BLEES in the server room. Probably related to someone working in the room and having propped the door open.
  • 7/17/16-7/19/16: Missed about 2 days worth of data due to bug in the MQTT-gateway.
  • 7/19/16 4:05 PM - 4:19PM: Put a cover over the Lab Rear wall BLEE causing the light level to go to zero. Temp and humidity are down as well.
  • 7/19/16 4:20PM - 4:31PM: Put a cover over BLEE in server room, mid wall. Light level goes to zero, temp goes up. Other sensors in the server room do not show similar readings
  • 7/25/16 - Added sensors and gateway to BWRC office area. New batteries
  • 8/1/16 BBB004 down for maintenance 2-5pm.
  • 8/8/2016 Replaced batteries in server room and Kens office
  • 8/8/16 Removed test powerblade from air compressor outlet strip
  • 8/26/16 9:40AM - 10:10am covered light sensor on BLEE in Ken's office - C0:98:E5:30:00:A1
  • 8/26/16 11:42 - Covered light sensor on BLEE Center of student seating area, above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:37
  • 8/26/16 12:30 -12:45 (approx) increased humidity on BLEE Brian Office above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:A0
  • 8/26/16 2:41-2:47pm increased humidity on Rear Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:36
  • 9/16/16 11:41AM Replaced batteries in server room, Kens office, student area+
  • 10/10/16 12:00 pm Senor tags deployed in server room and rear wall of lab
  • 11/28/16 4:35 pm all batteries changed, BLE and Sensor tags
  • 2/6/17 1:54 PM Sensor Tag Batteries replaced
  • 2/12/17 I3 mesh node firmware updated to V3

Cory Hall Swarm Lab and Immersion Room

Servers and Sensors

Immersion Room

  • Primary projector PowerBlade (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e570008d) c0:98:e5:70:00:2b c0:98:e5:70:00:8d ATAG 00015
  • Secondary projector PowerBlade (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e570008b) c0:98:e5:70:00:8b ATAG 00016
  • Speaker Camera PowerBlade (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e570008e) c0:98:e5:70:00:8e
  • Audience Camera PowerBlade (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e5700088) c0:98:e5:70:00:88
  • BLEE, rear camera pillar (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e5300003) c0:98:e5:30:00:03 ATAG00008
  • Front wall adjacent to screen Blink (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e590000a) c0:98:e5:90:00:0a ATAG00010
  • S/T EUI: 00-12-4b-00-07-91-0e-03, S/A 10 (Rear Pillar) ATAG 00007

Chair BLEES C0:98:E5:30:0: {58, 5c, 5F, 7a, 7b, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78}

Entrance Lobby

  • Swarm Lab Inside Entrance Lobby
  • Blink (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e590000b) c0:98:e5:90:00:0b ATAG 00001
  • BLEE (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e530000a) c0:98:e5:30:00:0a ATAG 00002
  • S/T EUI: 00-12-4b-00-07-90-75-83, S/A 8 (Pillar) Atag 00000
  • S/T EUI: 00-12-4b-00-07-91-15-82, S/A 7 (entrance door) ATAG 00003

Office 490B

  • ATAG 00004
  • * S/T (Eng Version) EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0d-7d-fa-07, S/A 3 (Kens desktop)
  • i3 Mote EUI 00-12-4b-00-f7-d9-87 - Energy Harvesting on window sill ** ATAG 00006**

Student Area

S/T EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-63-62-86, S/A 6 (Nitesh Desk) ** ATAG 00005**
S/T EUI: 00-12-4b-00-0a-55-3b-05, S/A 9 (Wall near Mark Desk) ATAG 00009
PowerBlade c0:98:e5:70:01:21 490 Printers ATAG 00013

Lab 490E - Boser Lab

i3 Mote EUI 00-12-4b-00-0a-f7-db-07 Lab Window, Energy Harvesting ** ATAG00011**

SwarmLab Kitchen

S/T EUI 00-12-4b-00-0a-63-02-06 Wall by window ATAG 0012
PowerBlade c0:98:e5:70:01:20 Coffee Maker ** ATAG 00014**

4th floor Elevator Lobby

  • Blink (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e5900091) c0:98:e5:90:00:91
  • SwarmBox

Exit Stair Door near 490

  • Blink (edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e5900019) c0:98:e5:90:00:19

Operational Notes

  • 7/12/16 2:59PM, powerblade on Speaker camera disconnected for inspection and reconnected. Note that accumulated energy goes to zero at this time.
  • 7/13/16 10AM, powerblade on Immersion room primary projector re-installed, now in correct orientation. Readings from 10am on look correct.
  • 7/14/16 9:22:58AM - Introduced an anomaly by heating the Immersion room BLEE located on the rear pillar with a hot air gun for about 4 min. Temperature and humidity impacted.
  • 7/14/16 9:46AM - Speaker camera was left on since 7/12 2:26pm. Turned off at 7/14 9:46AM
  • 7/15/16 - 9:40AM Primary projector powerblade seems to have a loose connection. No readings from 7/14 3:23PM until re-seated at 7/15 9:40AM
  • 7/18/16 - 11:30AM BLEES installed on conference table chairs w/ new batteries
  • 7/17/16-7/19/16: Missed about 2 days worth of data due to bug in the MQTT-gateway.
  • 7/19/16: Beaglebone gateway is got powered off. Last data collected was around 4:56PM. Restarted at 10:50PM
  • 7/20/16: Rear Camera pillar BLEE - Battery replaced 3:26PM
  • 7/26/16 Main projector power blade failed - replaced with new unit (new MAC)
  • 8/1/16 BBB001 down for maintenance
  • 8/8/16 Batteries replaced in all sensors except chairs -10/10/16 Batteries replaced in all Mich sensors
  • 10/12/16 Batteries replaced in all TI sensor tags
  • 2/6/17 AA Batteries added to Sensor Tags
  • 2/11/17 I3 mesh node firmware updated to V3

Jacobs Hall


  • ML-100 - B8:AE:ED:74:09:3D was port 10D-120C-03F10-D room 120
  • BBB - port 10D-332-04F17-D Room 332
  • BBB 54:4a:16:e0:8b:a1 10D-120C-03F10-D room 120
  • BBB 6c:ec:eb:5c:64:5b Room 10 10D-10B-02f16-D

Room 110


  • c0:98:e5:70:01:13 Type A 3D printer 10026 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:22
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:23 Type A 3D printer 10047 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:25
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:26 Laser 2 room 110C
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:27 Type A 3D printer 10097 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:29 Type A 3D printer 10213 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:e2 Laser 1 room 110C
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:e5 Type A 3D printer 10035 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:d3 Type A 3D printer 10098 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:d7 Type A 3D printer 10025 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:f7 Type A 3D printer 10038 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:db - Type A 3D printer 10094 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:31 Type A 3D printer 10034 room 110


  • c0:98:e5:30:00:57 room 110 by thermostst
  • c0:98:e5:30:00:55 check placement in room

Room 332


  • c0:98:e5:70:00:8a Carbon 3D printer room 332
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:0c Dimension 2 (Bonnie) room 332
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:2e Dimension 1 (Clyde) room 332


  • c0:98:e5:30:00:55 room 120
  • c0:98:e5:30:00:50 room 332 Fortus 380 air exhaust vent
  • c0:98:e5:30:00:51 room 332 center of room


  • c0:98:e5:90:00:85 room 332
  • c0:98:e5:90:00:94
  • c0:98:e5:90:00:87

Room 10C


  • c0:98:e5:90:00:81 - wood shop room 10C


  • c0:98:e5:30:00:62 room 10C Woodshop

Operational Notes

  • Sensors installed, new batteries 7/15/16






There is also a Motion sensors placed on door. The format is JSON and provides three axis accelrometer, gyroscope, mangnometer and time stamp. The log for the sensor is:


The sensors have been placed in the graduate office space. The power blades are connected to power cords in use by students.