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Eric Allman, 09/10/2016 07:47 AM

GDP Deployment Notes

Data users email list created

If you would like to be notified of data anomalies or changes in the sensor actuator send an email to asking to be added to the email list,


Unless otherwise noted, the name of the corresponding logs are derived from the physical location (currently bwrc or swarmlab) and the lowercase MAC address:


For example, a sensor with MAC address C0:98:E5:30:00:03 in the immersion room (which is in swarmlab) will be named edu.berkeley.eecs.swarmlab.device.c098e5300003


See Provisioning Sensors for instructions on how to add new sensors.

Configuring Gateways

See Configuring Gateways for information about setting up gateway hosts (typically either BBBs or SwarmBoxes).


A minimal visualization tool is Here. Note that the list of sensors is manually updated for the moment, so it may not show all the sensors listed below.


BWRC Server Room

Sensors and Gateways

  • BBB -
  • Rear Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:36
  • Mid Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:5D
  • Hot Aisle BLEE- C0:98:E5:30:00:54
  • Lab Rear Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:09
  • BLINK - C0:98:E5:90:00:1E
  • Power Blade - Utility power to sump pump - C0:98:E5:70:00:8F
  • Power Blade - Utility power to Air Compressor - C0:98:E5:70:00::90
  • USB Microphone - mounted on BBB

BWRC Office Area

Sensors and Gateways

  • BLEE
    • Main seating area - C0:98:E5:30:00:A5
    • Conference Room , Rabaey Room - C0:98:E5:30:00:A3
    • Admin Office - C0:98:E5:30:00:A4
    • Conference Room - Brodersen room - C0:98:E5:30:00:A2
    • Ken's Office - C0:98:E5:30:00:A1
    • Brian Office above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:A0
    • Center of student seating area, above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:37
  • Blink
    • Brodersen Conference Room C0:98:E5:90:00:87
    • Rabaey Conference room - C0:98:E5:30:00:94

Operational Notes

  • 6-17-16 2:59PM Repaired broken Blink in server room. Was reading all zero, now detecting movement correctly.
  • 7/11/16 Fixed powerblade on air compressor - was installed backward. Data collected after 7/11 looks correct. Prior was in error. Note that energy accumulated goes to zero when powerblade was disconnected for inspection. Good marker.
  • 7/14/16 9:29AM Correlated spike in temperature and humidity for a short period of time across all BLEES in the server room. Probably related to someone working in the room and having propped the door open.
  • 7/17/16-7/19/16: Missed about 2 days worth of data due to bug in the MQTT-gateway.
  • 7/19/16 4:05 PM - 4:19PM: Put a cover over the Lab Rear wall BLEE causing the light level to go to zero. Temp and humidity are down as well.
  • 7/19/16 4:20PM - 4:31PM: Put a cover over BLEE in server room, mid wall. Light level goes to zero, temp goes up. Other sensors in the server room do not show similar readings
  • 7/25/16 - Added sensors and gateway to BWRC office area. New batteries
  • 8/1/16 BBB004 down for maintenance 2-5pm.
  • 8/8/2016 Replaced batteries in server room and Kens office
  • 8/8/16 Removed test powerblade from air compressor outlet strip
  • 8/26/16 9:40AM - 10:10am covered light sensor on BLEE in Ken's office - C0:98:E5:30:00:A1
  • 8/26/16 11:42 - Covered light sensor on BLEE Center of student seating area, above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:37
  • 8/26/16 12:30 -12:45 (approx) increased humidity on BLEE Brian Office above thermostat - C0:98:E5:30:00:A0
  • 8/26/16 2:41-2:47pm increased humidity on Rear Wall BLEE - C0:98:E5:30:00:36

Cory Hall Swarm Lab and Immersion Room

Servers and Sensors

Immersion Room

  • Primary projector PowerBlade C0:98:E5:70:00:2B C0:98:E5:70:00:8D
  • Secondary projector PowerBlade C0:98:E5:70:00:8B
  • Speaker Camera PowerBlade C0:98:E5:70:00:8E
  • Audience Camera PowerBlade C0:98:E5:70:00:88
  • BLEE, rear camera pillar C0:98:E5:30:00:03
  • Front wall adjacent to screen Blink C0:98:E5:90:00:0A

Chair BLEES C0:98:E5:30:0: {58, 5c, 5F, 7a, 7b, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78}

Entrance Lobby

  • Swarm Lab Inside Entrance Lobby
  • Blink C0:98:E5:90:00:0B
  • BLEE C0:98:E5:30:00:0A

Office 490B


4th floor Elevator Lobby

  • Blink C0:98:E5:90:00:91
  • SwarmBox

Exit Stair Door near 490

  • Blink C0:98:E5:90:00:19

Operational Notes

  • 7/12/16 2:59PM, powerblade on Speaker camera disconnected for inspection and reconnected. Note that accumulated energy goes to zero at this time.
  • 7/13/16 10AM, powerblade on Immersion room primary projector re-installed, now in correct orientation. Readings from 10am on look correct.
  • 7/14/16 9:22:58AM - Introduced an anomaly by heating the Immersion room BLEE located on the rear pillar with a hot air gun for about 4 min. Temperature and humidity impacted.
  • 7/14/16 9:46AM - Speaker camera was left on since 7/12 2:26pm. Turned off at 7/14 9:46AM
  • 7/15/16 - 9:40AM Primary projector powerblade seems to have a loose connection. No readings from 7/14 3:23PM until re-seated at 7/15 9:40AM
  • 7/18/16 - 11:30AM BLEES installed on conference table chairs w/ new batteries
  • 7/17/16-7/19/16: Missed about 2 days worth of data due to bug in the MQTT-gateway.
  • 7/19/16: Beaglebone gateway is got powered off. Last data collected was around 4:56PM. Restarted at 10:50PM
  • 7/20/16: Rear Camera pillar BLEE - Battery replaced 3:26PM
  • 7/26/16 Main projector power blade failed - replaced with new unit (new MAC)
  • 8/1/16 BBB001 down for maintenance
  • 8/8/16 Batteries replaced in all sensors except chairs

Jacobs Hall


  • ML-100 - B8:AE:ED:74:09:3D was port 10D-120C-03F10-D room 120
  • BBB - port 10D-332-04F17-D Room 332
  • BBB 54:4a:16:e0:8b:a1 10D-120C-03F10-D room 120
  • BBB 6c:ec:eb:5c:64:5b Room 10 10D-10B-02f16-D

Room 110


  • c0:98:e5:70:01:13 Type A 3D printer 10026 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:22
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:23 Type A 3D printer 10047 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:25
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:26 Laser 2 room 110C
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:27 Type A 3D printer 10097 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:29 Type A 3D printer 10213 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:e2 Laser 1 room 110C
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:e5 Type A 3D printer 10035 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:d3 Type A 3D printer 10098 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:d7 Type A 3D printer 10025 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:f7 Type A 3D printer 10038 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:00:db - Type A 3D printer 10094 room 110
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:31 Type A 3D printer 10034 room 110


  • c0:98:e5:30:00:57 room 110 by thermostst
  • c0:98:e5:30:00:55 check placement in room

Room 332


  • c0:98:e5:70:00:8a Carbon 3D printer room 332
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:0c Dimension 2 (Bonnie) room 332
  • c0:98:e5:70:01:2e Dimension 1 (Clyde) room 332


  • c0:98:e5:30:00:55 room 120
  • c0:98:e5:30:00:50 room 332 Fortus 380 air exhaust vent
  • c0:98:e5:30:00:51 room 332 center of room


  • c0:98:e5:90:00:85 room 332
  • c0:98:e5:90:00:94
  • c0:98:e5:90:00:87

Room 10C


  • c0:98:e5:90:00:81 - wood shop room 10C


  • c0:98:e5:30:00:62 room 10C Woodshop

Operational Notes

  • Sensors installed, new batteries 7/15/16






There is also a Motion sensors placed on door. The format is JSON and provides three axis accelrometer, gyroscope, mangnometer and time stamp. The log for the sensor is:


The sensors have been placed in the graduate office space. The power blades are connected to power cords in use by students.

Unassigned BBB Ready for deployment b0:d5:cc:83:0b:01 88:c2:55:83:6c:29