From 06/19/2016 to 07/18/2016


02:25 PM Bug #19 (Closed): Error handling in web-visualization for sensor nodes
The web-visualization currently does not handle any erroneous situations from the GDP data sources (no-data, or any e... Nitesh Mor
09:50 AM Bug #17 (Closed): Issue with gcl-create and log subscription
Filing on behalf of *Nima*:
I noticed that these seems to be an issue with gcl-create and log subscription. I'm ab...
Nitesh Mor
09:26 AM Bug #16 (Closed): Threaded GDP Clients Fail
On behalf of *Rico*:
I've been doing experiments for our "central" service that I've mentioned before. Currently, ...
Nitesh Mor
09:22 AM Bug #15 (Closed): Assertion error in Python API
From *Nima Mousavi*: *I'm facing some issues while trying to access GDP logs. I got the following error, but the issu... Nitesh Mor


04:08 PM Bug #14 (Closed): GDP logging
The mqtt-gdp-gateway starts returning the follwoing error randomly after logging data for some time.
2016-07-14 1...
Syed Hasnain
08:27 PM Feature #13 (In Progress): Flushing administrative output
Eric Allman
08:27 PM Feature #13: Flushing administrative output
I guess I had assumed that this was line buffered, but that was a bad assumption. Another point: it should also lock... Eric Allman
08:21 PM Feature #13 (Closed): Flushing administrative output
There ought to be a `fflush(fp);` at source:gdplogd/logd_admin.c#L229
This ensures that all the data from a single c...
Nitesh Mor
07:20 PM Bug #12 (Closed): Connection reset for clients
*Summary:* followed by a `Connection reset by peer` error, everything fails. Router process is verified to be running... Nitesh Mor


01:45 PM Bug #11 (Feedback): No avahi package in homebrew (Mac OS X)
I updated the documentation to make this clear and added a compile flag to make it easier to compile Zeroconf out. I... Eric Allman


12:58 PM Bug #10 (Feedback): Document / auto-configure the CRYPTOROOT option.
Changed Makefiles to always search /usr/local and /opt/local, completely eliminating CRYPTOROOT. Fixed in commit:475... Eric Allman
11:35 AM Document: PCARI visit, July 11th 2016
Nitesh Mor
11:34 AM GDP-overview-PCARI.pptx
Nitesh Mor
09:41 AM Bug #5 (Closed): libs directory should not be in git; "make all" should create it
Christopher has confirmed that this works on RedHat Eric Allman


03:10 PM Bug #11 (Closed): No avahi package in homebrew (Mac OS X)
It seems that there's no avahi package in home brew. I didn't see a good way to install avahi from source, as it appe... David Mellis
01:31 PM Bug #10 (Closed): Document / auto-configure the CRYPTOROOT option.
Naively installing on Mac OS X using brew, I got errors that openssl couldn't be found:
dhcp-45-14:gdp mellis...
David Mellis


12:50 PM Bug #9 (Closed): Router terminating connections abruptly
Eric says:
[After creating a new log on a log-server connected to a co-located router, ] For some reason I don't s...
Nitesh Mor


11:28 AM Bug #5 (Feedback): libs directory should not be in git; "make all" should create it
Eric Allman


04:44 PM Document: The Cloud is Not Enough: Saving IoT from the Cloud
Appears in HotCloud 2015. Nitesh Mor
04:44 PM hotcloud15-zhang.pdf
Hotcloud paper Nitesh Mor
04:43 PM Document: Toward a Global Data Infrastructure
Appears in IEEE Internet Computing (Volume:20 , Issue: 3 ). **Not to be made public without a IEEE copyright statem... Nitesh Mor
04:43 PM 07436637.pdf
IEEE Internet Computing article Nitesh Mor
01:01 PM Bug #5 (Closed): libs directory should not be in git; "make all" should create it
Today the `libs` directory has symbolic links checked into git. This creates problems for various bindings. The `li... Eric Allman


11:47 AM Feature #1 (Closed): Should multiread return an error for an empty log?
As it stands, multiread on an empty log returns a 404 error (since it's trying to read a record that doesn't exist). ... Eric Allman

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