From 11/12/2016 to 12/11/2016


06:45 AM Bug #75 (Closed): Subscription times out
Rico, I am relieved that the problem's been tracked down. Good sleuthing job, and thanks for letting us know. Eric Allman
09:19 PM Bug #75: Subscription times out
Hi Eric,
After rereading the documentations for installing and running the log server, and checking if I've follow...
Rico Maestro


11:47 AM Bug #82: Memory leaks in subscriptions (and elsewhere)
Thanks for taking a look, I agree that these leaks are of low priority.
In an embedded system a process could run ...
11:12 AM Bug #82: Memory leaks in subscriptions (and elsewhere)
There are many cases where memory is allocated during startup and never released; for example, when reading the admin... Eric Allman
07:44 AM Bug #82: Memory leaks in subscriptions (and elsewhere)
I can still reproduce this under RHEL with today's version of the GDP.
[cxh@terra apps]$ gcl-create -k none p...
11:21 AM Bug #88 (New): memory leak in GCL cache hash table
The open GCL cache (as implemented in `gdp/gdp_gcl_cache.c`) uses `libep` hash tables (`ep/ep_hash.c`). They in turn... Eric Allman


03:31 PM Bug #86 (Closed): Multiple subscriptions and/or multireads to the same log don't work
Seems to work. I can no longer reproduce this bug. Closing. Nitesh Mor
02:14 PM Bug #69 (Feedback): Read, Write Errors
Syed, could you try this again, preferably using the latest `gdplogd` from the repo? I think it may be fixed, and I ... Eric Allman
02:10 PM Bug #77 (Resolved): GDP Log Server Crashes when we end subscription
It looks like this is the same problem as #78, which is closed. Syed, could you see if this is fixed? You may need ... Eric Allman
02:05 PM Bug #84 (Resolved): Assertion in gdp_gcl_create() crashes the calling process
Eric Allman
02:02 PM Bug #75: Subscription times out
I'm completely stumped — I can't reproduce this at all, at least using the current code (I tried both the latest `gdp... Eric Allman
10:26 AM Bug #75: Subscription times out
Hi Eric. Here is the output of the command in our server.
`@(#)gdplogd 0.7.2 (2016-11-12 11:53) 4f976ad9f75dad291b...
Rico Maestro
09:55 AM Bug #75: Subscription times out
Rico, I'm not able to reproduce this on my latest code version (and yes, there have been some changes to the way subs... Eric Allman
02:18 AM Bug #75: Subscription times out
Hi Nitesh,
I have compiled the latest version of the gdplogd codes from the repo and tried if the bug is already f...
Rico Maestro
10:18 AM Bug #40 (Resolved): gcl-create calls abort: there should be a version of _gdp_gcl_decref that doe...
I believe this is related to (or the same as) issue #83, which has been fixed. Eric Allman

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