From 03/12/2017 to 04/10/2017


07:57 AM Bug #80: GDP setup
Sure, printing a message that suggests setting an environment variable would be a workaround. Anonymous


04:36 PM Bug #80: GDP setup
I'm unwilling to remove the fatal call, since if the script guesses wrong there is a high likelihood that one or the ... Eric Allman
02:08 PM Bug #80: GDP setup
My machine has both Homebrew and Macports on it. I completely agree that it makes life interesting, but it would be ... Anonymous
03:41 PM Bug #97 (Closed): GDP client crash and invalid writes
Under RHEL and Darwin, I'm seeing problems with free(), problems with invalid writes and crashes.
To replicate o...


05:29 PM Bug #76 (Closed): ERROR: request freed while in use
Great, glad to hear it. I'm still working on a few other problems, but they are deadlocks. I think I can safely clo... Eric Allman


10:23 PM Bug #76: ERROR: request freed while in use
Hi, Eric. Apologies for the late feedback. Based on initial tests, it seems that the gdplogd is not "crashing" anymor... Rico Maestro

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