From 05/07/2017 to 06/05/2017


08:54 PM Bug #101 (Closed): Error with EP method in
When running adm/, the following compilation error appears:
Neil Agarwal


12:23 PM Bug #40 (Closed): gcl-create calls abort: there should be a version of _gdp_gcl_decref that does ...
Closed due to duplication (#83). Eric Allman
12:22 PM Bug #87 (Closed): Crash when trying to use RSA key to sign a log
No negative feedback, and Paul has graduated ⇒ Closed Eric Allman
12:20 PM Support #79 (Closed): Async write/read
Eric Allman
12:20 PM Bug #96 (Closed): Existing subscription resend previous records sent when reestablishing connecti...
I'm closing this because I'm pretty sure it has been fixed and I haven't heard back from Rico to the contrary. Eric Allman
12:18 PM Bug #69 (Closed): Read, Write Errors
I'm closing this out since I think it's fixed and I haven't heard from Syed in six months. Eric Allman


05:29 PM Bug #100 (Closed): gdp_gcl_read: ERROR: 404 not found [Berkeley:Swarm-GDP:404]
My bad. Thanks for looking into this, it prompted me to do a more thorough analysis. Basically, I updated an actor ... Anonymous


04:39 PM Bug #100: gdp_gcl_read: ERROR: 404 not found [Berkeley:Swarm-GDP:404]
Interesting. It used to work, and now it does not. I'll roll back the ptII and accessors repo to when it passed and... Anonymous
04:34 PM Bug #100 (Feedback): gdp_gcl_read: ERROR: 404 not found [Berkeley:Swarm-GDP:404]
This doesn't look like a bug to me. The log you are trying to read, `-M437wfuykwQ2KLSLb6OmOQYOpziuHkePrQJKnzgIUI`, i... Eric Allman
06:12 AM Bug #100 (Closed): gdp_gcl_read: ERROR: 404 not found [Berkeley:Swarm-GDP:404]
Locally, the gdp tests run for me, but when I run a Ptolemy module under Darwin or RHEL, I get an error.

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