From 06/16/2018 to 07/15/2018


09:55 AM Bug #39 (Closed): Repeated "Forwarding NEW SECONDARY to node" messages, leading to "ERROR: Connec...
Has not been sighted since Resolved. Rick Pratt
09:49 AM Bug #101 (Closed): Error with EP method in
Closed, fix confirmed. Note that the router is now statically linked (to isolate net3 from net4 in parallel deploymen... Rick Pratt


12:52 PM Bug #93 (Rejected): client restart after router restart not working
At this point we have a completely new I/O layer and router, so this issue is obsolete. Eric Allman
12:46 PM Support #85 (Closed): Create a GDP public release
The repo was made public some time ago, and although we didn't create a Debian package it was available. We are look... Eric Allman
11:56 AM Feature #114 (Closed): Auto-withdraw advertisements for logs that have vanished
GDP Version 2 handles the error in a much more reasonable way, returning a "not found" error rather than an "internal... Eric Allman
11:48 AM Feature #95 (Closed): Working GDP RESTful Interface needed for Signpost
Eric Allman
11:48 AM Feature #108 (Closed): GDP read subscription service needed for Virtual Instrumentation
Eric Allman


11:55 AM Updated Version of GDP Coming
We will soon roll out an updated version of the Global Data Plane (GDP) with new functionality and better suited for ... Eric Allman

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