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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
137BugResolvedNormalTurning off ZeroConf will cause make to failEric Allman12/02/2019 09:58 AM
135BugClosedNormalPython client installationEric Allman10/30/2019 12:27 PM
130BugFeedbackNormalduplicate advertisements sent on `gdplogd` startupEric Allman04/10/2019 10:29 AM
115BugClosedNormalRHEL Java segfault while creating a log in ep_dbg_vprintf()Eric Allman09/07/2017 02:48 PM
113BugNewNormalAdvertisements never expire04/09/2019 12:28 PM
112BugClosedNormal_gdp_gcl_cache_get(): assertion fails: gdp_gcl_cache.c:227: _ep_thr_mutex_lock: mutex 0x39963e0 (gcl) already self-lockedEric Allman06/25/2017 08:03 PM
111BugClosedLowgdplogd sends subscription events after a client sends CLOSEEric Allman06/22/2017 04:18 PM
110BugClosedNormalgdp_gcl_close() raises assertion failure with active subscriptionsEric Allman06/21/2017 08:39 PM
107BugClosedNormalgdp_gcl_close() hangs the second timeEric Allman06/25/2017 08:11 PM
101BugClosedNormalError with EP method in gdp_router_nat.ccEric Allman04/09/2019 12:28 PM
100BugClosedNormalgdp_gcl_read: ERROR: 404 not found [Berkeley:Swarm-GDP:404]Eric Allman05/09/2017 05:29 PM
99BugClosedNormalSubscribe seems to be missing dataEric Allman04/26/2017 10:29 AM
98BugClosedNormalJava and Node GDP Interfaces crash in gdp_gcl_unlock_trace()Eric Allman04/18/2017 05:11 PM
97BugClosedHighGDP client crash and invalid writesEric Allman04/16/2017 03:56 PM
96BugClosedNormalExisting subscription resend previous records sent when reestablishing connection to GDPLOGDEric Allman05/19/2017 12:20 PM
93BugRejectedNormalclient restart after router restart not working06/25/2018 12:52 PM
92BugClosedNormalDeadlock in gdplogdEric Allman03/11/2017 04:45 PM
91BugClosedNormaledu.berkeley.eecs.gdp-01.gdplog down or hung? gdp create hanging under Node with Ubuntu, RHEL and Mac OS XEric Allman02/09/2017 01:04 PM
90BugClosedNormalllogger not getting installedEric Allman03/11/2017 04:43 PM
88BugNewLowmemory leak in GCL cache hash tableEric Allman07/17/2017 09:02 AM
87BugClosedNormalCrash when trying to use RSA key to sign a logEric Allman05/19/2017 12:22 PM
86BugClosedNormalMultiple subscriptions and/or multireads to the same log don't workEric Allman11/12/2016 03:31 PM
84BugClosedNormalAssertion in gdp_gcl_create() crashes the calling processEric Allman04/16/2017 04:03 PM
83BugClosedNormalAssertions should not crash the calling process: assertion in gdp_gcl_close() causes the application to exitEric Allman11/11/2016 03:07 PM
82BugClosedLowMemory leaks in subscriptions (and elsewhere)Eric Allman03/20/2019 05:15 PM
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