GDP source code now open

Added by Eric Allman over 2 years ago

The GDP source code is now open for public access If you have an account on and you have uploaded your ssh key, you can use:

git clone git://

For anonymous access, use:

git clone

Upcoming Service Outage on 22 December

Added by Eric Allman almost 3 years ago

The EECS department will be doing a full power shutdown on December 22 from 7:00am to 11:00pm (Pacific Time, 15:00 12/22 to 07:00 12/23 UTC) to perform fire and emergency power testing in the server rooms. This will include the code repository ( where the GDP code is hosted, and the EECS network, which will mean that the GDP servers will not be accessible. Please plan accordingly.

See for details and status updates.

GDP servers back online

Added by Eric Allman almost 3 years ago

The construction crew has finished re-routing the network cabling. It's likely that we will have another outage next week to re-route the power, but we don't yet know when that will be or how long it will take.

Service disruption update

Added by Eric Allman almost 3 years ago

The construction crew has decided to postpone re-routing the power until next week, so today we will just have two short disruptions while we move the data cable. These should be no longer than a couple of minutes each.

Temporary GDP service disruption

Added by Eric Allman almost 3 years ago

Due to construction in the Swarm Lab, we are going to have to disconnect the power and network to gdp-01 and gdp-03. All logs and routers on those servers will be unavailable until the power and network are re-routed (probably a couple of hours). We still don't know exactly when the machines will be shut down, but it will not happen until the construction crew figures out the least disruptive course of action.

Berkeley servers (gdp-01, -02, -03, and -04) updated

Added by Eric Allman almost 3 years ago

The four GDP servers at Berkeley have been updated to the latest development version of the system. This is not an official "numbered" release. However, it does (hopefully) fix a few problems in the log server, notably with subscription renewals. In particular, it should at least partially address Bugs #69 and #77, and possibly #75.

There are also some fixes in the GDP library. If you want to test these you'll have to download and compile the code from the repository. We'll do a numbered release once we have more assurance that the code is stable. If you do recompile the code and you have problems, please include the revision number in your bug report. You can get this using the command:

strings $program | grep '@(#)libgdp'

where $program is the path to the program you are running (for example, /usr/bin/gdp-reader). The output should look something like:

@(#)libgdp 0.7.2 (2016-11-12 11:51) 4f976ad9f75dad291b4f4516b5ddee4025503957

The magic number will tell us exactly which revision you are using.

GDP version 0.7.2 now available

Added by Nitesh Mor about 3 years ago

Look in the 'Files' section for downloadable pre-packaged .deb files for Debian based systems. For compiling from source, checkout source:@r0.7.2

Here are the relevant debian packages:

  • For client side:
    • C library and included utilities: gdp-client_0.7.2-1_amd64.deb (for x86) or gdp-client_0.7.2-1_armhf.deb (for ARM, specifically beaglebone).
    • Python bindings (requires C library as well): python-gdp_0.7.2_all.deb (architecture independent)
  • For server side:
    • gdp-server_0.7.2-1_amd64.deb (for systemd based x86 systems, ubuntu>=16.04)


  • Fixed a bug with gdp_datum_free, which caused segmentation faults and other crashes in general.

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