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a4a0e09a 09/21/2020 01:27 PM Eric Allman

Make all install paths relative to $DESTDIR to allow creation of trees
in side directories.

39adcd09 06/11/2019 10:39 AM Eric Allman

Fix bug that can cause some package installs to be skipped on setup.

41926557 04/02/2019 05:51 PM Eric Allman

Add a routine for doing password management. It's not clear this is the
right interface, but it's portable and close enough.

30395b16 03/13/2019 04:08 PM Eric Allman

Generalize adm/ a bit.

38721d9e 02/09/2019 10:19 AM Eric Allman

We no longer support Ubuntu 14.04 --- protobuf-c is too old.

57e502fb 01/24/2019 08:39 AM Eric Allman

Correctly determine PKGMGR on raw Debian systems such as BBB.

9e62cb26 01/19/2019 01:31 PM Eric Allman

Relocate etc/ep_adm_params into etc/gdp/params so that the etc/gdp
subtree can be mounted easily into a docker container.

9200f3a8 12/26/2018 09:00 AM Eric Allman

Add some generic stuff to

19ddf5e5 12/07/2018 01:01 PM Eric Allman

Change message colors to use the usual conventions; add an "action"
message to instruct the user that there are actions they have to take
independently of the current script.

191945e3 11/01/2018 11:31 AM Eric Allman

First cut on scripts to initialize the Human-Oriented Name to GDPname
Directory service.

d17c1801 06/20/2018 04:18 PM Eric Allman

Update installation scripts for new world and to allow coexistence of
old and new versions.

42f4d4a4 06/30/2017 05:09 PM Eric Allman

Move some Darwin conflict code to a more appropriate place.

dd24741f 06/30/2017 04:51 PM Eric Allman

getopt doesn't work well within a script sourced from another script.
Also, improve checking on Darwin systems with both Homebrew and

ae040ccc 04/06/2017 04:28 PM Eric Allman

Allow user to override PKGMGR in the environment; this is primarily to
deal with brew vs macports on Darwin.

a848016d 03/18/2017 03:40 PM Eric Allman

Refactor adm/ and add a -q (quiet) flag.

39ea10b4 03/13/2017 03:58 PM Eric Allman

Do some better diagnostics when installing system files.

b28f0318 10/22/2016 10:23 AM Eric Allman

Make "don't use brew and macports on MacOS at the same time"
instructions clearer.

4770b39a 09/28/2016 04:30 PM Eric Allman

Attempt to make setup scripts a bit more independent of each other.

15153231 09/04/2016 07:46 AM Eric Allman

Clean up scripts and documentation regarding macports versus homebrew.

ab54a7e4 08/20/2016 02:58 PM Eric Allman

Get OSVER information on FreeBSD.

d2bc4b77 08/17/2016 05:07 PM Eric Allman be sure to set EP_PARAMS in all cases; adapt to
GDP_ROOT=/usr/local in a reasonable way (GDP_ETC=/usr/local/etc/gdp)

372a6a00 08/10/2016 09:08 AM Christopher Brooks

'brew list' will return the empty string if brew has been installed, but no packages have been installed yet. Only run 'sudo brew update' if the brew binary is owned by root.

2b5144d8 08/01/2016 10:39 AM Eric Allman

Do better INITSYS determination for RedHat.

71accc0f 07/19/2016 06:45 PM Eric Allman

Move "package" function from into so it
can be used in other scripts. Fix some glitches around choosing a
package manager for MacOS.

3756d4ac 07/19/2016 01:00 PM Eric Allman

Code consolidation; create empty log file on installation; install
systemd configuration in

c77f65be 07/19/2016 10:25 AM Eric Allman

Installation/Configuration scripts update: try to guess if the system
uses upstart or systemd; other installation cleanup.

cdc61088 07/12/2016 10:48 AM Eric Allman

Move to doc/, since it may
be relevant to people who do not have the source tree. Modify
adm/ to bring it up to date; it is referenced from
the modified documentation.

ec66508f 05/13/2016 08:03 AM Eric Allman

Make adm/ comments and messages clearer.

3a404465 04/19/2016 10:46 AM Eric Allman

Portability fixes, notably allowing running mqtt-gdp-gateway on Ubuntu
systems (not just on Beaglebones).