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ac015a81 10/17/2019 11:27 AM Eric Allman

Be sure to generate adm/ before referencing it.

390904c6 10/16/2019 02:40 PM Eric Allman

Clean up installation scripts and associated documentation to bring it
up to date. I've probably missed things, and this has not been
subjected to any more than cursory testing due to lack of time.

906f9437 04/30/2019 03:14 PM Eric Allman

Fix typo in

9e62cb26 01/19/2019 01:31 PM Eric Allman

Relocate etc/ep_adm_params into etc/gdp/params so that the etc/gdp
subtree can be mounted easily into a docker container.

991ea9f0 12/26/2018 09:01 AM Eric Allman

Make GDP setup a bit easier to use in non-Berkeley environments.

e435842c 11/28/2018 07:42 PM Eric Allman

Make be the default database location for the
Human-Oriented Name to GDPname directory.

Standardize on user gdp being uid 133; consistent uids are important for
volumes in containers.

2786071d 07/06/2018 04:28 PM Eric Allman

Significant changes in packaging for the GDP 2.0 release.