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51da15df 11/11/2019 12:48 PM Eric Allman

Fix syntax error in

99a12823 04/04/2019 12:18 PM Eric Allman

When installing MariaDB, try to open up the TCP port for non-localhost

620d2c18 04/02/2019 05:51 PM Eric Allman

Add a new role to HONGD to do administration (notably, deleting old

e1366111 03/20/2019 12:58 PM Eric Allman

Cleanup on HONGD setup. Still non-optimal, and Docker probably still
doesn't work.

ebdc89b3 02/28/2019 04:51 PM Eric Allman

Fix instructions for setting up a GDPv2 cluster.

9e62cb26 01/19/2019 01:31 PM Eric Allman

Relocate etc/ep_adm_params into etc/gdp/params so that the etc/gdp
subtree can be mounted easily into a docker container.

d953d8ef 01/02/2019 11:59 AM Eric Allman

Put a default password on the gdp_user MariaDB user to avoid getting
caught by security scans.

89c9f65e 12/20/2018 12:24 PM Eric Allman

First cut at getting MariaDB into a Docker container.

b2cae72c 12/07/2018 01:52 PM Eric Allman

Improvements for GDP Log Creation Service, notably:

  • When creating the database schema, store a randomly created database password into a file (instead of blurting it out onto the screen).
  • Inform the admin where that file needs to be installed....
1fc7fa41 12/06/2018 10:12 AM Eric Allman

Do some cleanup of directory services (both HONGDs and gdp-directoryd).

0c195bbd 12/04/2018 05:26 PM Eric Allman

Make all references to the Human-Oriented Name to GDPname Directory
Service Database use "hongdb" in the name rather than "namedb" for

191945e3 11/01/2018 11:31 AM Eric Allman

First cut on scripts to initialize the Human-Oriented Name to GDPname
Directory service.