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0cf9f7fc 01/19/2019 01:31 PM Eric Allman

Create gdp-version.txt while creating for use in simple
places like Makefiles.

2942b40f 04/25/2017 04:56 PM Eric Allman

Attempt to do a better job getting the git information into the binary
--- it failed to recreate git-version.txt in some circumstances, even
though the code had been changed.

e7b23191 02/07/2017 02:12 PM Eric Allman

Try to carry git version information over to builds that have no .git
subtree (as might happen if you use rsync).

05392bbf 07/31/2016 12:34 PM Eric Allman

Avoid error message when compiled without git tree available.

6981f823 07/21/2016 12:48 PM Eric Allman

Put git commit id into generated binaries.