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ffa61df3 06/06/2019 04:32 PM Eric Allman

Compile problem on Linux.

1173b91e 06/06/2019 02:37 PM Eric Allman

r2.1.20: fix problem with handling of -K flag in gdp-create. Slight
change in semantics of -K: you can't create a new key and choose the new
file name (but you can select the directory).

feb6c5a2 06/05/2019 12:41 PM Eric Allman

Give a warning in gdp-create if command-line metadata name is truncated.

ed3149f0 01/25/2019 10:09 AM Eric Allman

gdp-create didn't create a key if no flags were specified; change it
back to the old defaults.

c87dd166 01/23/2019 07:56 AM Eric Allman

Update license date on all files. No functional changes.

8e138989 01/08/2019 03:20 PM Eric Allman

Need to announce that we are reading a secret key in gdp-create when
calling ep_crypto_key_read_file; this rendered the -K flag

c39a16b1 12/11/2018 11:59 AM Eric Allman

Cleanup on human-oriented name handling during creation, including
documentation. Big changes: don't allow a "human name" that looks like
a base-64-encoded name; use GDP_NAME_ROOT when creating a new log using
gdp-create; treat a zero-length GDP_NAME_ROOT as though the variable...

298273b2 11/16/2018 05:10 PM Eric Allman

Avoid uninteresting compiler warning. Remove no longer relevant code.

80da996e 10/24/2018 12:53 PM Eric Allman

Mega-change: new object creation API with updated metadata; internal
name is hash of metadata, not hash of human name; query and maintain
human-oriented name to GDPname directory (HONGD).

a48d2927 07/06/2018 05:09 PM Eric Allman

Key files created by gdp-create shouldn't be writable, even by the
owner, to limit accidental key corruption.

4964758b 07/06/2018 04:59 PM Eric Allman

Return EX_CANTCREAT from gdp-create when a log exists even when the -S
flag is given; this also makes it easier for lower level functions in
gdplogd to customize the NAK code.

eae1d3ec 05/25/2018 01:22 PM Eric Allman

The grand renaming: GCL is (mostly) gone in favor of GOB and GIN.