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809d6cad 10/01/2017 11:27 AM Eric Allman

Documentation updates (including log-view.8). No new functionality.

0a44eb6d 09/11/2017 10:01 AM Eric Allman

Add a flag to gdp-log-check to put an absolute limit on the record
number. This is to catch corrupt data files.

a1cb8cec 07/27/2017 10:59 AM Eric Allman

Add -t flag to gdp-log-check to act only on the timestamp index.

45a8a2c3 10/08/2016 01:33 PM Eric Allman

Add -s flag to gdp-log-check to show log status summaries only.
Distinguish between regular and severe errors when printing the summary

75373b7a 09/09/2016 09:05 AM Eric Allman

Add (minimal) documentation for gdp-log-check.