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c9ba48c9 10/30/2019 11:56 AM Eric Allman

Adjust install targets in Makefile to make Debian packaging easier.
It's very fine-grained now.

9d5d35f7 10/24/2019 04:56 PM Eric Allman

Don't use install to copy header and library files to avoid having them
turn executable.

c87dd166 01/23/2019 07:56 AM Eric Allman

Update license date on all files. No functional changes.

762e7ecf 11/12/2018 04:38 PM Eric Allman

Improved version handling to avoid rebuilds when making docker
containers; don't include LDADD in LDFLAGS in ep and gdp because it
breaks building shared libraries when doing static linking.

9283e760 11/11/2018 04:30 PM Eric Allman

Extend LDADD to other directories in which links happen.

06dbdf8b 10/24/2018 12:53 PM Eric Allman

Add new ep_file_search functionality.

763b221d 09/23/2018 02:51 AM Eric Allman

Add SANITIZE variable to Makefiles to simplify adding -fsanitize=xxx.

355109e1 02/14/2018 11:03 AM Eric Allman

Add ep_fopen_styled.

44a5b0ef 01/24/2018 09:57 AM Eric Allman

Other fixes necessary to compile with a C++ compiler:
* Subtlety different semantics for extern keyword.
* Inability to do a forward declaration of a static variable.
* Structs must be initialized in the same order as declared.
* Cannot initialize a fixed size character array with a quoted string....

79369be6 11/01/2017 01:36 PM Eric Allman

Add UUID support to libep (for future use).

edf46949 07/24/2017 10:18 AM Eric Allman

Include INSTALLFLAGS in install targets in Makefiles.

2a2ce319 06/29/2017 09:30 AM Eric Allman

Update Makefiles to include /usr/local/opt/openssl as a local search
directory. This is only for Homebrew on MacOS, which refuses to install
openssl into system directories.

243dd108 02/06/2017 11:25 AM Eric Allman

Portability fixes (mostly Makefiles)

897accec 02/06/2017 10:41 AM Eric Allman

Update licenses to 2017.

029cf007 11/11/2016 09:40 AM Eric Allman

Merge branch 'eric/dev'

6cc67fbe 11/03/2016 09:24 AM Eric Allman

Update Makefiles to modern conventions.

f5c1552e 10/31/2016 06:41 PM Eric Allman

Respect environmental CFLAGS in Makefile (use += rather than =). Fixes
Bug #70.

55b46f00 10/27/2016 06:58 AM Eric Allman

First pass at making interface for sd_notify (systemd notifications)
available (libep support only; no references). Still don't have a good
auto-compile flag; must use -DEP_OSCF_HAS_SD_NOTIFY=1 when compiling.

d5ef0254 08/23/2016 06:10 AM Eric Allman

Clean up Makefiles for consistency and proper use of LDLIBS.

8dd74a73 08/09/2016 04:49 PM Christopher Brooks

Removed extraneous paren.

8ce56239 08/04/2016 12:54 PM Eric Allman

Update ep and gdp Makefiles to use new libs/ semantics.

85f47100 07/20/2016 08:48 AM Eric Allman

Last update didn't quite finish off issue #22. The ep Makefile was
still in an interim state.

9e92bcc8 07/20/2016 07:29 AM Eric Allman

Fix typo in Makefile: use -L for library search, not -I.
(Issue #22).

475517e0 07/11/2016 12:54 PM Eric Allman

Make Makefiles a bit more portable; notably, they always search
/usr/local and /opt/local for include files and libraries (since both
directories are used on various systems). Addresses Issue #10.

5354ded8 06/30/2016 11:13 AM Eric Allman

Change handling of shared libraries so links are created dynamically in
libs directory rather than being stored (with version numbers) in git.

1b663276 06/27/2016 05:02 PM Eric Allman

Move "-g" flag into a Makefile macro to make it easier to change debuggers.

a5a912e2 06/24/2016 05:38 PM Eric Allman

Rename ep_fopensmem => ep_fopen_smem for consistency with other names.

a0469464 06/24/2016 01:51 PM Eric Allman

Add logging of gdplogd administrative data for visualization.

b22be946 06/21/2016 03:35 PM Eric Allman

Substantially improve ep_thr debugging. RECOMPILE REQUIRED! The ABI
has changed.

3bf6c8bc 06/14/2016 04:03 PM Eric Allman

Makefile cleanup to simplify installation of new library versions.

4deac29c 05/17/2016 02:23 PM Eric Allman

Fix some problems that caused Jenkins complain.

f5787cf6 01/05/2016 08:32 AM Eric Allman

Fix clean target in ep library.

3bb7f9a6 12/02/2015 03:16 PM Eric Allman

Portability fix for Mac: looking for openssl in the wrong place.

765973fa 12/02/2015 03:10 PM Eric Allman

Portability fix for Mac: looking for openssl in the wrong place.

6bd5476b 12/01/2015 01:22 PM Eric Allman

Update license. No code changes.

055d3009 11/21/2015 01:20 PM Eric Allman

Include copyright in all files. There are scripts to do bulk
replacement of the copyright if desired.

ff3d8869 10/28/2015 09:16 AM Eric Allman

Don't create new ep/ep_version.o unless something else has changed.

5667bfa5 09/25/2015 03:15 PM Eric Allman

Add new routines ep_net_hton64 and ep_net_ntoh64 to do network to
host byte order swapping on 64-bit values.

e407fd74 09/21/2015 05:31 PM Eric Allman

Include -pthread when compiling decode-epstat, even though it isn't

1147dc8f 09/20/2015 03:11 PM Eric Allman

Add libep routine to decode numeric EP_STAT code.

8712047f 09/20/2015 03:02 PM Eric Allman

Add libep support for symmetric ciphers.

3a80c46d 08/05/2015 04:06 PM Eric Allman

Adjust Makefiles to search /usr/local/ssl/lib for libraries (to get the
versions with /dev/crypto support if available). Unfortunately you may
still need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to load the correct library at

9a47c6c7 07/24/2015 09:38 AM Eric Allman

Another signing snapshot: signatures are created and sent but not
checked. Metadata is returned when a GCL is opened. Still have a
problem with reference counting of GCL handles.

f80ae9c0 07/22/2015 09:54 AM Eric Allman

Snapshot adding signing. Signatures are computed but not sent or

bd34b3a7 02/13/2015 12:07 PM Eric Allman

Auto-install a /etc/ep_adm_params/gdp file if one does not already
exist. Current algorithm puts gdp-{01,02,03} in
random order as the default.

cca3bf6e 02/12/2015 01:15 PM Eric Allman

More tweaks to make debuild work. It behaves very strangly if you try
to install into /usr/local. Changing it to /usr fixes it (but breaks
BSD, sigh).

e18fea5e 02/11/2015 03:48 PM Eric Allman

Changes to make building a debian package feasible. Includes adding
install entries to most Makefiles which will work from the source directory.

67565068 12/04/2014 11:25 AM Eric Allman

gdp_log => ep_log

3c1d40f1 11/25/2014 09:05 AM Eric Allman

No need for multiple thread pools --- simplify the API.

50d98aaa 11/25/2014 08:33 AM Eric Allman

New thread pool implementation as prep for subscription callbacks.

be32534a 10/15/2014 05:18 PM Eric Allman

Link with dynamic libraries everywhere; get the library names right.

47af8db6 10/10/2014 02:01 PM Eric Allman

Add routines to translate to/from syslog priority and facility names.

3844f41d 10/04/2014 12:34 AM Eric Allman

Add utility routine to print open file descriptors for debugging.

73ea59bf 09/08/2014 11:49 AM Eric Allman

More portability fixes for Makefiles

696860c5 09/08/2014 10:37 AM Eric Allman

Merge branch 'master' of
(cxh changes)


2443e497 09/08/2014 10:33 AM Eric Allman

Fix compile problems identified by cxh.

ce8f8347 09/04/2014 12:13 PM Nitesh Mor

Makefile changes to also create shared library

49c87bd9 08/04/2014 12:45 PM Eric Allman

First cut at multithreading the EP library.

a9c0be42 07/23/2014 11:14 AM Eric Allman

Break out -std=c99 into a new STD make variable to make it easy to change
from the command line.

5c8e5b42 07/21/2014 05:25 PM Eric Allman

Add "WALL=-Wall" macro in Makefiles; this makes it easy to get truly strict
checking by using make WALL=-Weverything (hint: a LOT of stuff kicks out with
-Weverything enabled).

78b9043b 07/16/2014 04:11 PM Eric Allman

Explicitly specify using C99.

a1e865d6 07/16/2014 03:49 PM Eric Allman

Add new portability interface ep_time_now to get the current time.

0c663d10 07/01/2014 01:43 PM Eric Allman

Conversion from single process to library + daemon. [Why do I have to check this in a second time?]

767deba9 06/10/2014 01:23 PM Eric Allman

Add Base64 support in ep library.

6c7e8d27 05/27/2014 12:01 PM Eric Allman

ep_st_openmem => ep_fopensmem
ep_st_pprint => ep_pprint

47c6ea64 05/26/2014 10:25 AM Eric Allman

Initial checkin.