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eacd6759 01/25/2019 01:54 PM Eric Allman

Attempt to include support for mcheck(3) on linux. Unfortunately it
always fails during initialization. Apparently someone is calling
malloc before mcheck is called.

c87dd166 01/23/2019 07:56 AM Eric Allman

Update license date on all files. No functional changes.

eae1d3ec 05/25/2018 01:22 PM Eric Allman

The grand renaming: GCL is (mostly) gone in favor of GOB and GIN.

3effd9ba 11/30/2017 08:03 PM Eric Allman

Another attempt to get UUID working on all platforms (there appears to
be no consistency to speak of).

b5f746b4 11/29/2017 01:49 PM Eric Allman

It turns out that Redhat/CentOS uses yet a third implementation of UUID.
Generalize the compile flags to make this work. Still kind of a hack.

79369be6 11/01/2017 01:36 PM Eric Allman

Add UUID support to libep (for future use).

95e9c871 09/18/2017 10:42 AM Eric Allman

Make ep_thr_gettid produce something useful to developers (with a
semantic change) and include EP_THR_PRItid for printing.

67fa395f 03/24/2017 02:18 AM Eric Allman

Back out change that defined GNU_SOURCE by default. That pulls in a
non-Posix version of strerror_r. However, without _GNU
SOURCE you can't
get ffsl(3), so that has to be declared by hand. Bah humbug.

89035e50 03/24/2017 01:19 AM Eric Allman

Repairs for some compilation issues.

26dcab58 03/23/2017 09:24 PM Eric Allman

Add EP_ATTR_UNUSED (to mark unused variables).

92e2678e 03/10/2017 10:25 PM Eric Allman

FreeBSD portability tweak.

e0adeb80 03/02/2017 03:25 PM Eric Allman

Fix some printf type disagreements.

85b68a8f 02/10/2017 03:23 PM Eric Allman

Fix a lock ordering problem; add Helgrind hints.

243dd108 02/06/2017 11:25 AM Eric Allman

Portability fixes (mostly Makefiles)

897accec 02/06/2017 10:41 AM Eric Allman

Update licenses to 2017.

901580ab 10/27/2016 08:14 AM Eric Allman

Tweak compile time configuration for EP_OSCF_USE_GETDATE and

55b46f00 10/27/2016 06:58 AM Eric Allman

First pass at making interface for sd_notify (systemd notifications)
available (libep support only; no references). Still don't have a good
auto-compile flag; must use -DEP_OSCF_HAS_SD_NOTIFY=1 when compiling.

6a095f87 08/21/2016 08:43 AM Eric Allman

Add EP_OSCF_NEED_OPTRESET to indicate versions of getopt(3) that need to
set optreset in order to re-scan the command line. Use it in

6d17d65b 08/20/2016 02:57 PM Eric Allman

Include on FreeBSD to get __FreeBSD_version info.

bd606a99 07/25/2016 07:54 PM Eric Allman

Improved date parsing in libep.

8bafd0b6 02/27/2016 09:09 PM Eric Allman

Move attribute declarations into macros for portability.

2988ae77 01/08/2016 06:30 PM Eric Allman

Merge branch 'master' into eric-ondisk

6bd5476b 12/01/2015 01:22 PM Eric Allman

Update license. No code changes.

055d3009 11/21/2015 01:20 PM Eric Allman

Include copyright in all files. There are scripts to do bulk
replacement of the copyright if desired.

9f5d76d6 08/05/2014 12:08 PM Eric Allman

Slight interface changes; added comments.

49c87bd9 08/04/2014 12:45 PM Eric Allman

First cut at multithreading the EP library.

a901db09 07/28/2014 12:32 PM Eric Allman

Redo spacing changes (but in a very limited way). At this point tabs
(hard, soft, and shiftwidth) are four characters.

0c663d10 07/01/2014 01:43 PM Eric Allman

Conversion from single process to library + daemon. [Why do I have to check this in a second time?]

47c6ea64 05/26/2014 10:25 AM Eric Allman

Initial checkin.