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76b104d6 06/18/2019 02:54 PM Eric Allman

Fix a bug that might cause "OK" status codes to be interpreted as not
OK. This would only happen if the OK status included a value between 29
and 31 bits large.

6c049698 06/07/2019 11:54 AM Eric Allman

Roll in some changes that got lost by Dropbox when doing work on
creation of new log keys.

c70b1607 02/09/2019 07:49 AM Eric Allman

Updates for clean compile on Ubuntu 18.04, including finishing upgrade
of OpenSSL to 1.1.0. Changes were surprisingly large. Bump the patch
number for ease of identification (this version also includes updates
for log creation service).

c87dd166 01/23/2019 07:56 AM Eric Allman

Update license date on all files. No functional changes.

7cf6cc1c 10/24/2018 12:53 PM Eric Allman

Crypto changes to better support NULL encryption.

d2422e31 01/23/2018 05:06 PM Eric Allman

Fixes to prevent C++ compile errors for variables that are not
initialized and not used. This isn't a problem with C, and it's not a
bug, just an annoying C++-ism.

970aa77d 07/12/2017 03:53 PM Eric Allman

Add attempt to decode OpenSSL error codes and translate them to EP_STATs
so user error messages can be more detailed.

897accec 02/06/2017 10:41 AM Eric Allman

Update licenses to 2017.

aaab77c7 04/08/2016 10:52 AM Eric Allman

Minor cleanup to avoid assuming values of what should be opaque types.

6bd5476b 12/01/2015 01:22 PM Eric Allman

Update license. No code changes.

055d3009 11/21/2015 01:20 PM Eric Allman

Include copyright in all files. There are scripts to do bulk
replacement of the copyright if desired.

7023c91a 11/21/2015 10:18 AM Eric Allman

A few more cleanups for EP crypto routines. Some of the cipher APIs
have been changed to be more consistent with the asymmetric APIs, but
mostly the changes are comments and improved error messages.

03834a8b 11/20/2015 11:57 AM Eric Allman

Add comments to ep_crypto_* routines.

058dfca9 11/13/2015 10:54 AM Eric Allman

Remove keytype parameter from most ep_crypto routines; it can be derived
from the type of the key in use.

b2c688f4 10/05/2015 06:31 PM Eric Allman

Add the libep.crypto.key.compat.strict parameter to control the
"compatibility" of two crypto keys (whether they match each other versus
just of the same time). Setting this to false is mostly for debugging.

8712047f 09/20/2015 03:02 PM Eric Allman

Add libep support for symmetric ciphers.

0baf7451 08/06/2015 05:55 PM Eric Allman

Change default EC curve to sect283r1 --- works with the ATECC108A chip
AND openssl.

292fad0a 08/05/2015 10:21 AM Eric Allman

Change default EC curve to secp256r1 (NIST P-256, prime 256v1); had been
sec384r1. The new curve is supported by the Atmel ATECC108 chip.

d18b013a 08/04/2015 09:53 AM Eric Allman

Implement encryption of secret keys. Adds -e flag to gcl-create to
choose the algorithm. An algorithm of "none" disables encryption.

b0136566 08/01/2015 03:37 PM Eric Allman

Implement ECDSA signing (and set it to be the default). This also
augments log-view to print the details of keys (and makes the print
routines available in the ep_crypto code).

95ddbd39 07/30/2015 08:19 AM Eric Allman

Didn't quite finish the code changes prompted by the documentation

400217d7 07/28/2015 06:09 PM Eric Allman

Check public/secret key compatibility; additional debugging (crypto and

2a64fc09 07/28/2015 12:53 PM Eric Allman

Clean up gcl-create flags to allow more tuning. Also includes better

e57b2ceb 07/28/2015 10:58 AM Eric Allman

Include DSA support. Changes the semantics of gcl-create -k flag to
take an argument with the key algorithm ("rsa" or "dsa").

f7307b63 07/27/2015 04:30 PM Eric Allman

Signature checking working. No action taken on bad signature yet.
Still considerable cleanup left to be done.

9a47c6c7 07/24/2015 09:38 AM Eric Allman

Another signing snapshot: signatures are created and sent but not
checked. Metadata is returned when a GCL is opened. Still have a
problem with reference counting of GCL handles.