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1042a70f 04/02/2019 05:51 PM Eric Allman

Change ep_crypto_{md|sign|vrfy}_new to return an error status so we can
do a better job of diagnosing problems.

c87dd166 01/23/2019 07:56 AM Eric Allman

Update license date on all files. No functional changes.

74920de3 06/18/2018 02:43 PM Eric Allman

digital sign/verify debugging

8cfe4117 05/25/2018 01:22 PM Eric Allman

It turns out that including a GOB pointer in the datum causes too many
locking problems. Just pass the gob in as needed.

fc0cbc23 01/23/2018 04:09 PM Eric Allman

Changes necessary to compile under C++ because it doesn't understand
that (void *) is compatible with other pointer types. This adds a lot
of explicit casts that are not needed in C.

970aa77d 07/12/2017 03:53 PM Eric Allman

Add attempt to decode OpenSSL error codes and translate them to EP_STATs
so user error messages can be more detailed.

aa266942 05/09/2017 03:31 PM Eric Allman

Fix minor resource leak (only occurs on an unlikely error).

897accec 02/06/2017 10:41 AM Eric Allman

Update licenses to 2017.

2f1080ba 09/24/2016 07:46 AM Eric Allman

Patches for crypto code for compatibility with LibreSSL (versus

cea1adbd 02/26/2016 01:50 PM Eric Allman

Add support for RIPEMD160 and ep_crypto_md_len (to return the length of
a hash algorithm).

8ac0e880 01/28/2016 06:45 PM Eric Allman

Fix openssl version compatibility problem: "EVP_MD_CTX_create()
and EVP_MD_CTX_destroy() were renamed to EVP_MD_CTX_new() and
EVP_MD_CTX_free() in OpenSSL 1.1."

6bd5476b 12/01/2015 01:22 PM Eric Allman

Update license. No code changes.

055d3009 11/21/2015 01:20 PM Eric Allman

Include copyright in all files. There are scripts to do bulk
replacement of the copyright if desired.

03834a8b 11/20/2015 11:57 AM Eric Allman

Add comments to ep_crypto_* routines.

e24c9b55 08/01/2015 04:38 PM Eric Allman

Fix creation of anonymous (no external name) logs

b0136566 08/01/2015 03:37 PM Eric Allman

Implement ECDSA signing (and set it to be the default). This also
augments log-view to print the details of keys (and makes the print
routines available in the ep_crypto code).

2a64fc09 07/28/2015 12:53 PM Eric Allman

Clean up gcl-create flags to allow more tuning. Also includes better

f7307b63 07/27/2015 04:30 PM Eric Allman

Signature checking working. No action taken on bad signature yet.
Still considerable cleanup left to be done.

f80ae9c0 07/22/2015 09:54 AM Eric Allman

Snapshot adding signing. Signatures are computed but not sent or