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efab4984 02/04/2019 09:48 AM Eric Allman

Some documentation of gdp_name.c changes for database connection pools.

9e62cb26 01/19/2019 01:31 PM Eric Allman

Relocate etc/ep_adm_params into etc/gdp/params so that the etc/gdp
subtree can be mounted easily into a docker container.

301f69e1 01/05/2019 02:40 PM Eric Allman

Change (and document) defaults for event timeouts to be more realistic.

b364b308 01/03/2019 05:07 PM Eric Allman

Rationalize lots of documentation. Fix inconsistencies in some
parameter names (e.g., swarm.gdp.gdp-create.server,, and swarm.gdp.create.service). Some
minor code changes for consistency changes, but mostly docs.

35aacf70 12/23/2018 02:48 PM Eric Allman

Add -p and -P flags to gdp-name-add (for database passwords),
rationalize some of the administrative parameter names, and update
documentation accordingly.

c39a16b1 12/11/2018 11:59 AM Eric Allman

Cleanup on human-oriented name handling during creation, including
documentation. Big changes: don't allow a "human name" that looks like
a base-64-encoded name; use GDP_NAME_ROOT when creating a new log using
gdp-create; treat a zero-length GDP_NAME_ROOT as though the variable...

0c195bbd 12/04/2018 05:26 PM Eric Allman

Make all references to the Human-Oriented Name to GDPname Directory
Service Database use "hongdb" in the name rather than "namedb" for

1f1f05a9 11/30/2018 03:30 PM Eric Allman

Update documentation for swarm.gdp.crypto.key.path.

92adefd5 11/28/2018 09:00 AM Eric Allman

Split variable swarm.gdplogd.log.dir into (the root
of persistent data) and swarm.gdplogd.log.dir (relative to the other).
This is primarily to make container management easier.

Also, when reading parameter files, allow auto-qualification with the...

80da996e 10/24/2018 12:53 PM Eric Allman

Mega-change: new object creation API with updated metadata; internal
name is hash of metadata, not hash of human name; query and maintain
human-oriented name to GDPname directory (HONGD).

59c6c7e0 07/26/2018 10:50 AM Eric Allman

First cut at external => internal name mapping using MySQL. It is
currently not an error if the mapping doesn't exist --- it just falls
back to the old SHA256 behavior --- and there is no automated addition
of the mapping to the database when you create a log. To make this work...

55f8e918 07/12/2018 02:28 PM Eric Allman

Add new administrative parameters to ignore SIGPIPE in gdplogd
(swarm.gdplogd.ignore.sigpipe) and applications in general
(swarm.gdp.ignore.sigpipe). This allows the library to reconnect to the
router if the connection gets interrupted during a write. However,...

8373124b 10/07/2017 04:41 PM Eric Allman

Minor formating changes in gdp.7.

bbc2471a 08/17/2017 06:12 PM Eric Allman

Add runtime parameters "swarm.gdp.command.runinthread" and
"swarm.gdp.response.runinthread" to control whether commands and
responses (respectively) run in separate threads from the pool. Default
to true and false respectively. Running responses in threads is...

cca7ea5f 08/10/2017 09:15 AM Eric Allman

Convert units for libep.assert.resetinterval to milliseconds; change the
defaults for that and libep.assert.maxfailures to 2000 (2sec) and 100

55987b4d 07/28/2017 04:54 PM Eric Allman

Clean up parameters for subscription refreshing/expiry to make it harder
to make stupid mistakes.

72e1583d 07/14/2017 11:43 AM Eric Allman

Update man pages to match previous commit.

c71b5a7a 06/28/2017 11:15 AM Eric Allman

Move some of the assertion recover cleverness from gdplogd into libep so
it is more generally available. Also updates the documentation to make
it clearer (I hope).

4d8a7965 04/25/2017 04:56 PM Eric Allman

Add swarm.gdp.cache.reclaim.maxgcls parameter; this is to detect loops
in the GCL usage list.

b068acef 03/18/2017 07:46 PM Eric Allman

Rationalize swarm.gdp.subscr.deadintvl and swarm.gdplogd.subscr.timeout.
Rename deadintvl to be timeout and swarm.gdp.subscr.pokeintvl to
swarm.gdp.subscr.refresh for consistency.

023873b3 03/06/2017 01:11 PM Eric Allman

Add swarm.gdp.debug.assert.allabort to make all assertions abort

339ef307 11/29/2016 12:12 PM Eric Allman

Add runtime flag to turn off Nagle algorithm (TCP_NODELAY).

8aea43aa 04/28/2016 01:19 PM Eric Allman

Take number of available file descriptors into account when reclaiming
the GCL cache.

c942ca52 01/08/2016 05:53 PM Eric Allman

Update documentation to include Zeroconf administrative parameters.

921ae732 11/15/2015 02:18 PM Eric Allman

Improve documentation of GDP administrative parameters.

bfc4dc23 08/08/2015 12:26 PM Eric Allman

Add more documentation; a few code changes to make parameter naming more
consistent (as became obvious writing the documentation).