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c87dd166 01/23/2019 07:56 AM Eric Allman

Update license date on all files. No functional changes.

09346db7 06/25/2018 12:35 PM Nitesh Mor

Marked apps that use obsolete API as such.

These applications aren't super critical at the moment. We
will come back to them later.

898593e2 10/22/2016 12:39 PM Nitesh Mor

Minor bug-fix in machine-mon

should've tested before pushing :-/

51f3eed6 10/22/2016 12:33 PM Nitesh Mor updated invocation

forgot to add that in last commit

0e3583a7 10/22/2016 12:26 PM Nitesh Mor

Updated python's machine-mon to get more data

Part of the infrastructure related visualization can be instrumenting
servers. Since we now have the capability to plot fairly generic
one-D time series data, this is going to be a very simple extension.

There is a definite general concern of affecting the measurements by...

d7cb3879 01/11/2016 01:08 PM Nitesh Mor

Added licenses for pyhton

53ccc846 11/15/2015 02:38 PM Nitesh Mor

Updated python apps with signature support

a55719a6 02/17/2015 02:07 PM Nitesh Mor

Another argument for machinemon

f84e736f 02/17/2015 01:42 PM Nitesh Mor

Changed gdp_init to use runtime config

Also changed psutil version

fc9498dc 02/17/2015 02:06 AM Nitesh Mor

/usr/bin/python => /usr/bin/env python

99de87ea 02/16/2015 08:31 PM Nitesh Mor

Python machine-mon, moved wrapper=>gdp, more docs