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59c6c7e0 07/26/2018 10:50 AM Eric Allman

First cut at external => internal name mapping using MySQL. It is
currently not an error if the mapping doesn't exist --- it just falls
back to the old SHA256 behavior --- and there is no automated addition
of the mapping to the database when you create a log. To make this work...

9d7f04be 07/24/2018 08:54 AM Nitesh Mor

Remove symlink first; fixes make errors

3bd8d0f9 07/22/2018 09:43 PM Nitesh Mor

Make extra library links needed for java

48a760bf 04/06/2017 05:04 PM Eric Allman

Remove extraneous informational output when creating library links.

7adbb63b 09/09/2016 11:39 AM Eric Allman

Clean up libs directory on "make clean"; don't keep .so files in libs on

8001ebf8 09/06/2016 04:33 PM Eric Allman

Update libs/ in an attempt to make Darwin happy. If this
doesn't do the trick then Darwin users will have to adjust things

15acd7d8 08/24/2016 10:21 AM Eric Allman

Leave$major.$minor around in libs in order to make Darwin
but it should work.

4535a2a4 08/07/2016 05:19 PM Eric Allman

Sigh, syntax error.

73b4f96e 08/06/2016 01:01 PM Eric Allman

Repair git damage from last merge.

6420ca7e 08/06/2016 12:40 PM Eric Allman

Merge branch 'master' of

6d9fe6e7 08/06/2016 12:40 PM Eric Allman

Simplify libs/

fee34329 08/06/2016 05:07 AM Christopher Brooks

Under redhat, remove lib$ and avoid ln: creating symbolic link File exists.

8c576e56 08/04/2016 01:00 PM Eric Allman

Tweak for RedHat's library naming scheme.

8ce56239 08/04/2016 12:54 PM Eric Allman

Update ep and gdp Makefiles to use new libs/ semantics.

ab6157ea 08/04/2016 12:04 PM Eric Allman

gdp/Makefile now houses the master version number; everything else is

c77f65be 07/19/2016 10:25 AM Eric Allman

Installation/Configuration scripts update: try to guess if the system
uses upstart or systemd; other installation cleanup.

99da44ce 07/07/2016 05:07 PM Christopher Brooks

If we run this script in lang/js/gdpjs, then we need to look further up the tree.

47130349 06/30/2016 02:00 PM Eric Allman

libs/ still doesn't work in Jenkins (works fine elsewhere).
Try annother approach.

56986366 06/30/2016 01:47 PM Eric Allman

Apparently Jenkins uses the -e (errexit) flag for all shells, which
causes to fail.

5354ded8 06/30/2016 11:13 AM Eric Allman

Change handling of shared libraries so links are created dynamically in
libs directory rather than being stored (with version numbers) in git.