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b9209f18 10/25/2019 02:24 PM Eric Allman

Don't use install to copy header and library files to avoid having them
turn executable.

c87dd166 01/23/2019 07:56 AM Eric Allman

Update license date on all files. No functional changes.

9d3867c0 12/28/2018 07:15 AM Eric Allman

Include license updates in more directories; improve directory descent
in root Makefile to avoid errors and loops.

edf46949 07/24/2017 10:18 AM Eric Allman

Include INSTALLFLAGS in install targets in Makefiles.

1b2a07c2 08/02/2016 01:26 PM Eric Allman

Add man page for llogger. Makefile repairs for llogger (didn't have
dependencies quite right).

a7ee1aac 08/01/2016 05:54 PM Eric Allman

Portability fixes.

d374fc08 08/01/2016 05:47 PM Eric Allman

Add util directory for utilities only marginally related to the GDP.
The first entry is llogger, which is kind of like logger(1) but it logs
to local files instead of syslog. It is intended to timestamp debugging
output from gdplogd and gdp_router_click.