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e2c9bf76 01/22/2019 05:09 PM Eric Allman

Changes to permit dockerization of mqtt-gdp-gateway. Still a bit crude.

36d3cd8f 01/17/2019 12:42 PM Eric Allman

Another cut at trying to get mqtt-gdp-gateway running under Docker.

a296f992 01/11/2019 02:23 PM Eric Allman

Change DOCKERFLAGS to be parameters to "docker build", not "docker".

b05f798b 12/29/2018 02:49 PM Eric Allman

Rationalize macro names to avoid confusion and for consistency with the
base GDP code:

daf0b780 12/04/2018 04:39 PM Eric Allman

Dockerize mqtt-gdp-gateway.

3ca57859 06/21/2018 01:30 PM Eric Allman

Clean up mqtt-gdp-gateway compilation and convert to new API.

cf784118 07/24/2017 12:33 PM Eric Allman

Clean up mqtt-gdp-gateway installation scripts and startup.

1bfa9570 07/24/2017 10:27 AM Eric Allman

Clean up installation of mqtt-gdp-gateway, notably making sure
ownerships are more consistent.

271eed7f 02/03/2017 03:39 PM Eric Allman

Update software licenses for 2017.

9859b1dc 02/02/2017 05:19 PM Eric Allman

Tweaks to handle having the gdp-if code in a separate repository.

d52c5d11 08/24/2016 07:52 AM Eric Allman

Rename and install in /usr/sbin.

fda8d8f3 08/23/2016 06:10 AM Eric Allman

Clean up Makefiles for consistency and proper use of LDLIBS.

35f15763 07/19/2016 10:25 AM Eric Allman

Installation/Configuration scripts update: try to guess if the system
uses upstart or systemd; other installation cleanup.

13ae329c 07/17/2016 01:35 PM Eric Allman

mqtt-gateway/Makefile portability fix.

d403dcfd 07/11/2016 12:54 PM Eric Allman

Make Makefiles a bit more portable; notably, they always search
/usr/local and /opt/local for include files and libraries (since both
directories are used on various systems). Addresses Issue #10.

68cefa20 06/12/2016 09:55 AM Nitesh Mor

Fixed clean target in makefile

cd86513b 06/12/2016 09:40 AM Nitesh Mor

Moved /uhb/mqtt-gateway* to /uhb/mqtt-gateway/*