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cab16857 08/06/2018 11:08 AM Nitesh Mor

Rename gdpfs_util to gdpfs_cmd; better usage message

a4791780 07/27/2018 10:54 PM Nitesh Mor

Default path if tensorflow import fails

nvidia docker doesn't use GPU during image build, which causes
tensorflow import to fail

6c0a9ad1 07/17/2018 04:21 PM Nitesh Mor

Fix makefile to work on ubuntu 14.04/16.04

0cb42e5c 07/16/2018 11:47 PM Nitesh Mor

Add -luuid to libraries we link against

312f246a 07/15/2018 04:29 PM Nitesh Mor

makefile: fix dependency on .h files

bf4b2364 07/15/2018 04:26 PM Nitesh Mor

Makefile fix: don't include for gdpfs_util

aa8aefa0 07/15/2018 03:49 PM Nitesh Mor

Makefile improvements

Don't compile everything from scratch every single time.

ff0d3055 07/10/2018 07:44 PM Nitesh Mor

Cleanup makefile and

98b0e081 07/10/2018 11:35 AM Nitesh Mor

sane filenames.

a531ea78 07/10/2018 09:26 AM Nitesh Mor

initial commit for tensorflow integration

  • Works, kind of.
  • Build process needs some more love, care and attention.
  • Compilation with tensorflow code needs some work with bazel BUILD file and dependencies
  • Needs better representation of directories beyond the...