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3ba532f9 03/27/2017 01:44 PM Nitesh Mor

CSV-dump script for i3mote + GDPcache import fix

2b0ac3be 10/11/2016 01:40 AM Nitesh Mor

visualization: added support for i3mote

3b5d2cf3 08/26/2016 12:06 AM Nitesh Mor

gdpVis: let the user know if there's any error

7eb3d57e 07/19/2016 11:20 PM Nitesh Mor

Web visualization: acc. display from BLEES

72878200 07/14/2016 01:28 PM Nitesh Mor

SizeLimit for in-memory cache for visualization

Also, a more generic GDPcache class that can be used elsewhere

5ac9ad70 06/14/2016 09:52 PM Nitesh Mor

visualization: minor change in displayed time range

556292c9 06/10/2016 08:41 PM Nitesh Mor

visualization: Cleaned up logging. Static files

7dcd3fcc 06/09/2016 01:37 PM Nitesh Mor

visualization: a bit more info in console output

ef293a24 06/06/2016 08:32 AM Nitesh Mor

Visualization server: added some locking

5d99f559 06/06/2016 01:23 AM Nitesh Mor

Visualization: server side caching, query by time

a395bab1 06/05/2016 10:14 PM Nitesh Mor

Visualization improvements

  • separated HTML and JS
  • all values plotted for a particular sensor
  • slightly better sensor database managment
2f19a3c6 06/05/2016 02:43 PM Nitesh Mor

Visualization: server code cleanup

691f36bc 06/04/2016 07:02 PM Nitesh Mor

first attempt at visualization for urban-heartbeat

- improve the web-UI
- better error-handling on the web-server side
- possibly populate sensor list automatically