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This directory contains source code for various interfaces to the Global Dataplane (GDP). For these to compile, this directory must be located in the same directory as the GDP code, that is, the directory structure must look as so:


You should read the GDP README as well as this one. Some of the interfaces below are based on C API, while the others are based on Python API. It is very likely that individual interfaces require several other dependencies that you would not otherwise need for the core GDP code.

Various interfaces defined here include:


GDP accessors for log creation, append, read and subscribe via a gateway. The gateway is the REST interface for creation, append and read. For subscription, we use websockets.


This is really a proof-of-concept for raw audio storage and playback to a GDP log, using the Python interface. This is rather limited to raw audio because of the simplicity of the format and no additional requirement for a complicated codec.


This does data visualization based on the Bokeh package. It is general purpose, but it requires that the URL encode all the details of the visualization. Hence, without a wrapper, it's not really usable by most users.


A proof-of-concept plugin for GStreamer. This is primarily to handle streaming multimedia with GDP. Contains a GDP source and sink element.


This is a set of scripts to talk to the TI mote using CoAP. This relies on sample client binary available as part of libcoap, which is treated as a black-box, as opposed to mqtt-gateway (see below), which links against the mosquitto library and requires one to be aware of how to use the library (as opposed to any arbitrary binary executable).


Some simple hooks to IFTTT Maker channel. It implements a trigger and an action based on events on a specific GDP log. In IFFTT terminology, trigger is used to send message to other channels/devices using IFTTT; an action is to receive data from other channels/devices.


Contains code to read an MQTT broker and write the corresponding data to the GDP. These are primarily for the U. Michigan BLE-based sensors, although this code should be fairly general purpose. The installation scripts however will need to be adjusted for another purpose.


This directory contains the code for starting a web-service that allows you to publish data to a log using a REST interface. Make sure that you understand the security consequences of this, and do not simply assume that you will get all the security guarantees that GDP attempts to achieve.


This directory contains the code for starting a web-service that allows one to query data from a given log using a REST interface.


A quick interface for a robotic arm: an actuator for the GDP.


Basic visualization of time series data from a GDP log. This uses Google Charts API as opposed to Bokeh-based visualizer, and is rather limited in features.


A websocket based subscription gateway for enabling limited platforms (such as a web-browser) to get subscription data in realtime.