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d1381a19 09/23/2020 03:04 PM Eric Allman

Get rid of gdp-router-click2 stuff (we don't need the version number).

5568a011 12/05/2019 12:53 PM Eric Allman

Clarify need for libssl1.0 on Ubuntil 18.04.

d533b917 09/06/2019 06:45 PM Rick Pratt

Update router README to reflect GDP v2 Network production guidance. (net4 PDUs)

3aa9a35e 03/30/2019 12:05 AM Rick Pratt

Change parameter name to ADVERT_TIMER and revise the default to 128000 usec.

5254ed23 02/28/2019 08:45 AM Rick Pratt

Replace GDP Router parameters DIRNAME, IP_DIR, and UDP_PORT_DIR with RIBNAME, IP_RIB, and UDP_PORT_RIB to coincide with gdp-ribd rollout, update docs to reflect change from gdp-directoryd to gdp-ribd.

a42aa527 02/28/2019 08:36 AM Rick Pratt

Replace directory references with GDP RIB references, add local single rib and router configuration examples.

e6920c35 10/30/2018 05:10 PM Rick Pratt

Expand to include new configuration syntax.

bf8eea1e 10/25/2018 04:40 PM Rick Pratt

Introduces a new automation-friendly router configuration syntax design and implementation, and simultaneously removes support for the day 0 development syntax which has served its purpose. (meaning: router config compatibility boundary)

2e331edd 02/07/2017 07:18 PM Eric Allman

Add reference to Redmine site in

46d03bed 07/19/2016 10:39 AM Eric Allman

Allow specification of specific click commit to compile to work around
compilation problems.

cdae8579 07/15/2016 06:45 AM Eric Allman

Update script names for consistency with gdplogd scripts.

53ef539a 06/03/2016 01:19 PM Nitesh Mor

Updated README with instructions for deb package

ab0dd3c7 12/22/2015 12:08 PM Eric Allman

Add README file.