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465b0270 09/08/2017 12:41 PM Rick Pratt

gdp-router-click binary supports systemd notify already, so turn it on in the template

cdae8579 07/15/2016 06:45 AM Eric Allman

Update script names for consistency with gdplogd scripts.

8ff6d57a 07/13/2016 09:10 PM Eric Allman

Change gdp-router-click-wrapper to start-gdp-router-click for
consistency with gdplogd and mqtt-gdp-gateway.

98ef118b 07/08/2016 04:55 PM Nitesh Mor

More minor bug-fixes for systemd

2fa2b3bd 07/08/2016 04:23 PM Nitesh Mor

Minor bug-fixes to systemd scripts

7a5a7384 07/07/2016 09:11 PM Eric Allman

Significant startup and install changes to convert to systemd. Still
doesn't work for startup, but it does if you manually start it after the
system is running.