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% Other Interfaces To The Global Dataplane

This documentation is out of date as of 2018-12-07.

There are some other interfaces to the GDP, generally referred to as CAAPIs (Common Access APIs). For the most part these are lightly documented.

The RESTful Interface

The RESTful interface was originally implemented and deployed in support of the Signposts Project, which was demonstrated at the TerraSwarm Annual Meeting held in October 2017. In addition to the Signposts, several other TerraSwarm demonstrations made use of the RESTful GDP Gateway deployment.

The RESTful gateway provided access to the GDP v1 Network until June 2019, when the implementation was adapted and transitioned to the recently deployed GDP v2 Network.

If you want to use the deployed RESTful GDP Gateway, please browse to the home page, which will present hotlinks to the RESTful API (doc/gdp-rest-interface.html) and to python client usage example(s). Be advised that gdp-rest-01 will not respond to non-SSL-protected (http://) traffic, and requires basic client authentication when executing RESTful actions. Please contact the Swarm Lab for inquires regarding basic client credentials. In addition to programmatic access, you can do GETs from inside a browser such as Firefox or Chrome, but not POSTs. To use other methods you'll have to use Chrome. Install the "postman" extension to enable sending of arbitrary methods such as POST and PUT.

If you want to set up your own RESTful GDP Gateway, please review the gdp-rest-01 server configuration details as documented on the GDP redmine wiki. The production deployment uses a lighttpd server running on Ubuntu 16.04, integrated with an SCGI backend. The gdp-rest daemon handles requests from SCGI, and leverages gdp-create for log creation.

The RESTful GDP Gateway is limited to a RESTful-compatible subset of GDP capabilities, though it provides an easy and rapid way to begin using the GDP. A Web Socket Interface (`gdp-ws') has been deployed on gdp-rest-01 to support access to some non-RESTful GDP functionality (e.g. log subscriptions) in web browser environments.

Python Key-Value Store

Key-Value lookups can be done in Python using lang/python/apps/ This is a library package for incorporation into larger Python programs.