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% Installing The Global Dataplane From .deb Packages

We maintain pre-compiled binary packages for ubuntu/debain-based systems to make software distribution easier. The reason for this particular platform is guided by swarmbox testbed that we support. Any software packaging for other platforms is certainly welcome.

This README is only relevant if you are installing from the Debian packages. Those packages are not included with the source distribution. If you are installing from source, please read

Nota Bene: we are switching to doing packaging using Docker images rather than Debian packages. This transition is not yet complete. We apologize for any confusion.

Package structure:

  • gdp-client: Client side C library (.so file), header files and various compiled utility functions.
  • gdp-python: Language bindings in Python, requires gdp-client.
  • gdp-server: GDP log-server.
  • gdp-router-*: A packaged version of the GDP router, see elsewhere.

In order to write/run C applications, you will need gdp-client. If you want to write Python applications, you will need gdp-python. You probably do not need the server side components unless you are planning on being part of the infrastructure.


You can find the latest .deb files here.

These are standard debian package installation instructions that are included here for convenience.

For installing a debian package

sudo dpkg -i <debian-file>

In case it fails because of missing dependencies, you can fix it by

sudo apt-get -f install