Compiling gdp_router_click from Source

NOTE: these instructions assume you are starting with the source distribution. This is not appropriate if you are installing the Debian package. (Should add a reference here).

Downloading the Source from EECS Repository

The GDP source code is located in the EECS departmental repository. To get it, use one of the following commands:

    git clone git://
    git clone
    git clone

The first form gives you public, read-only access, while the other two require that you have an account on the EECS repository. The third is only available if you have registered your public ssh key with


Gdp_router_click relies on modules from the GDP system. It is essential that you install that first. The source code tree should be parallel to the GDP source code tree (i.e., both trees should be rooted in a single directory).

Compilation and Installation

This version of the router only runs on Debian Linux. On other platforms you are on your own.

Compilation and installation is done using the adm/ script:

cd gdp_router_click
sh adm/

That script will:

  1. Install necessary dependencies.
  2. Optionally download the Click framework from Github.
  3. Configure Click with the GDP source code.
  4. Compile Click.
  5. Install gdp_router_click.
  6. Install support programs and startup scripts.
  7. Create a system log (default: /var/log/gdp/gdp-router-click.log)
  8. Install systemd unit files (if you are running systemd)

Warning: this process can be quite lengthy (Click is a large package). There are flags to turn off parts of this script, but those are intended for use only by developers.

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