GDP Project List

Projects on this list are intended to be "student size", that is, not too large and not too small. "Fix this bug" is too small. "Redesign the universe" is too large.

See also GDPv1 Prototype for Nitesh's project about his research prototype of the next iteration of the GDP.

Wiki links are to pages to flesh out the description, give current status, and document any issues.

WARNING: This list has not been kept up to date. Check with Eric to see if any tasks you're interested in have already been completed or are already being worked on. Also, some priorities have changed.

See also and Note that these sites include projects not related to the GDP project.

Specific Tasks

The order is vaguely from highest to lowest priority (in my opinion), then from most specific and smallest tasks to less specific and larger tasks, with the proviso that if B depends on A, A will be listed first. See also for some bigger projects (but beware, that list will probably not be maintained after the end of 2019).

Tasks That Require Elucidation

These tasks aren't yet specific enough to be actionable, but in some cases people are investigating the issues.

Dubious Tasks

Perhaps these should not happen.

  • Deprecate "GCL" name — just use "log".

Completed Tasks

Move things here when they are completed so that discussions are not orphaned from the Wiki document tree.

See Also

Nitesh's List (for GDPv1 prototype)