Repo access

If you are a logged-in member on this website, you can browse the source-code through the Repository tab. However, we host repositories on repo.eecs, partially for historical reasons and partially because it's a managed service. You can get the source code with either anonymous read-only access, or if you already have an account on the EECS repo you can access it that way. If you need write access you will have to get an EECS repo account.

Accessing repository anonymously

This technique will give you read-only access to the repository. It should just be a matter of typing:

git clone git://

Accessing repository after account creation

Once your repo.eecs account is created, you can access the source code either over HTTPS or SSH. HTTPS requires username and password (see above); SSH requires a one-time key setup and you upload the public key to repo.eecs. See the Help pages. You can use the following to clone the main gdp repository. (Change gdp.git to appropriate identifiers for repositories for other projects).

git clone


git clone

Username and Password

  • For EECS accounts: The same username and password as your EECS account work. We just add your username to the list of users with repository access.
  • For External Collaborators: Your username is your email address. Your password is automatically generated and emailed to you.

Requesting access (in case things don't work)

We try to maintain the access control list for the repository host in sync (manually, unfortunately) with the users on this project website. However, if there are some glitches somehow, please create a "Support" issue and assign both "Eric Allman" and "Nitesh Mor" to the issue. Please also include your EECS username (if you have one) or your email address in the issue. repo.eecs refers to users created using email addresses as External Collaborators and sends an automated email with a randomly generated password.