Click GDP Routers

GDP Versions

The Global Data Plane has transitioned from Version 0 to Version 2 (

The GDP v2 network routers continue to support stream-oriented clients, though native C clients must adapt to and link with the GDP v2 libraries. Non-client communication utilizes datagram protocols in a GDP v2 network. Router deployments depend upon an interim GDP RIB Daemon installed on gdp-03 ( UDP port 9001) to share route state within the GDP v2 network.

The Click GDP Router repository is home to both v0 and v2 router implementations, each supporting a correspondingly versioned GDP network deployment. Each router version can only be connected into a GDP network deployment of the same major version number. To distinguish and isolate GDP deployments by version, participants should continue to use port 8007 for v0 installations, but use port 8009 for v2 installations. Also note that the router configuration syntax has changed between major versions.

The router binary for v0 retains the name gdp-router-click, while v2 is named gdp-router-click2. Either binary may be built from within an unconfigured workspace, but the act of building either binary will also configure the workspace to constrain further activity to that version. As a general rule, makefile targets ending in 2 (e.g., gdp-router-click2, install2, reinstall2, ...) are v2 equivalents of v0 makefile targets.

Build, Installation, and Configuration

Please see the in the root directory of the gdp_router_click repository for detailed guidance.

GDP v0 Documents [Obsolete]

GDP-Router.pptx - Restructured Router Presentation (78.8 KB) Derek Ahmed, 07/15/2016 11:38 AM

GDPRouter_7.28.16.pdf (88.4 KB) Derek Ahmed, 08/02/2016 10:25 AM