GDP Version 0 to Version 2 Transition — Data

This page discusses how to pull your old data from the old Version 0 GDP to the new Version 2 GDP.

Copy In/Copy Out

Probably the simplest way is to copy the old data out of the GDP BEFORE you update your system, then update to V2 and copy the data back. You'll need to re-create the logs in the new system, but you can use the old signing key, if you are using them. This approach assumes your data is plain text without newlines (which will be true in most cases).
On old (V0) GDP:

gdp-reader -t $logname > $logname.txt

Then update to the new (V2) GDP. We recommend you then test the installation using a trivial test:

gdp-reader -t edu.berkeley.eecs.eric.probe.gdp-01

If you want to carry over an old key file, use:

keyfile=`gdp-name-xlate -b $logname`.pem
gdp-create -K $keydir/$keyfile $logname &&
        gdp-writer $logname < $logname.txt

If you want to create a log without a signing key, use:

gdp-create -k none $logname &&
        gdp-writer $logname < $logname.txt

Note that this technique will update the timestamps on the data. It's not uncommon that there is another timestamp inside the data, but that is not available if you want to (for example) read by timestamp.

Raw Conversion

At this time we don't have a conversion script, but if there is sufficient demand we will create one. This will keep the timestamps intact, but will probably break any existing signatures on the data (since the signing algorithm has changed). Please contact us for further information.