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4caa2705 08/22/2019 11:34 AM Nitesh Mor

Major cleanup of tests (especially log-related tests)

Reuse logs created once for read_tests

2c13ee92 08/22/2019 09:27 AM Nitesh Mor

Fix tests. Reduce duplication

ef39b5a9 08/21/2019 11:39 PM Nitesh Mor

Test for measuring read performance

e522faa0 08/20/2019 04:22 PM Nitesh Mor

Use more descriptive cmdline arguments

af6bc6b8 08/20/2019 04:11 PM Nitesh Mor

Uniform specification for router

15680894 08/13/2019 05:05 PM Nitesh Mor

Longer tests

48588007 08/13/2019 03:54 PM Nitesh Mor

Testing sync status of logservers

  • New commands for directly querying a log-server about the local contents. Only to be used for testing
  • Testing flags for server that can be passed at startup: allows one to selectively disable offline sync or online sync (or both)...
e40c6181 08/07/2019 03:53 PM Nitesh Mor

Remove redundant tests, at least temporarily

b03dfab4 08/05/2019 09:13 PM Nitesh Mor

Use separate data directories for multiple servers

da88d0d0 08/05/2019 05:17 PM Nitesh Mor

pytest setup for multiple log-servers

79176bb2 08/05/2019 01:28 PM Nitesh Mor

[WIP] performance measurement for the writer

64227029 08/02/2019 03:46 PM Nitesh Mor

First start: performance measurement for thesis

d7791f17 06/13/2019 10:13 PM Nitesh Mor

60 seconds timeout isn't sufficient for tests

28a0856d 06/11/2019 08:13 PM Nitesh Mor

Added graph creation commands to Makefile

a5bdaa34 06/11/2019 04:57 PM Nitesh Mor

Don't print all debug info for failed tests

88654200 06/07/2019 12:46 PM Nitesh Mor

Testing for CertGraph (new Makefile target)

0815f7c3 05/27/2019 02:29 PM Nitesh Mor

Target for generating archive: easy transfer

ba27542b 03/13/2019 11:20 PM Nitesh Mor

New targets for routing tests.

28a279f6 11/21/2018 11:50 PM Nitesh Mor

change default logging level to *=40

cb84332f 11/11/2018 02:39 PM Nitesh Mor

Fix argument parsing for blackbox cmdline

d223fb6e 11/07/2018 07:58 PM Nitesh Mor

Add option for stats print to command-line.

Printing statistics is useful, but only when asked for. A command
line option allows for this, while making sure it doesn't become
annoying when running other tests.

3eee668c 11/07/2018 12:01 AM Nitesh Mor

Add flag for disabling multithreaded operation.

c5a48dea 11/06/2018 06:24 PM Nitesh Mor

commenting improvement

bb6c8dd1 11/06/2018 05:37 PM Nitesh Mor

change 'expect_response' to 'fire_forget'

  • represents the intent of the flag a little better, i.e. fire and forget. No need to worry about retransmissions or even more PDUs corresponding to the same request.
181654a5 11/06/2018 02:20 PM Nitesh Mor

simplify router invocation

376ef1f3 11/05/2018 10:38 PM Nitesh Mor

New target for a standalone long-running router

ab3b09ec 10/23/2018 11:37 PM Nitesh Mor

Added Redis based blackbox; first cut

- code cleanup (especially logging)
- instructions/scripts for running server side
- cleaner input/config handling

d5fd9fe5 10/14/2018 03:58 PM Nitesh Mor

DHTQueryMsg => BBQueryMsg

689a55b0 10/14/2018 03:16 PM Nitesh Mor

Rename dhtnode => blackbox. WIP

fcb19b8c 10/14/2018 02:23 PM Nitesh Mor

Renaming switch => router.

TODO: DHTnode should be renamed to blackbox. Coming soon.

d931fd28 01/16/2018 07:55 PM Nitesh Mor

Fix to avoid name collision.

Use Makefile target as a prefix for the identifiers used for processes, etc

1dc0e2d7 11/03/2017 02:27 PM Nitesh Mor

Use standalone 'ping' as opposed to pytest.

5b16c82a 11/02/2017 05:57 PM Nitesh Mor

Make sure we use C++ protobuf backend

a0b76a00 10/30/2017 04:26 PM Nitesh Mor

minor makefile cleanup (could use some more)

8667a9f5 10/30/2017 04:19 PM Nitesh Mor

Use SwitchDesc for address+name in a single DS

5597e02d 10/28/2017 09:57 PM Nitesh Mor

new target for performance. variables to set flags

d095cf2a 09/30/2017 10:56 PM Nitesh Mor

More interesting routing topologies for client tests

a45ab5fc 09/28/2017 04:03 PM Nitesh Mor

support for individual switches with their own address

f2f9a583 09/26/2017 11:46 AM Nitesh Mor

Major reorg of switch. Add crypto validation

Also separate functionality to subclasses/base-classes, etc

93751536 09/15/2017 01:37 PM Nitesh Mor

Enable logging for DHTNode

0b8699b2 09/13/2017 08:57 PM Nitesh Mor

Added debug level to actually generate log files

6f563e07 09/01/2017 12:33 AM Nitesh Mor

test (and bugfix) for routing supported by dht node

cbf443e3 08/23/2017 12:35 PM Nitesh Mor

Add test for DHT publishing/lookup (only CHT)

9fb25c95 08/11/2017 05:07 PM Nitesh Mor

Endpoint => Entity, ep=>ent.

Better reflect that the same datastructure can be used for
endpoints, organizations, routers, routing domains, etc.

Update to function names as well

1ae8aa15 08/11/2017 02:09 PM Nitesh Mor

Move certs/meta creation/validation to utils

51badc10 08/11/2017 11:39 AM Nitesh Mor

Cleanup of stale processes (after a failed make)

b0ddcd38 08/11/2017 11:21 AM Nitesh Mor

Cleanup pid files after killing the process

195c33c1 08/10/2017 09:41 PM Nitesh Mor

Add advertisement tests to the list of tests

beb7dcad 08/10/2017 09:10 AM Nitesh Mor

Cleaning up makefile to use functions

db1dd783 08/09/2017 09:08 PM Nitesh Mor

Cosmetic enhancements to make output

aa705e18 08/09/2017 08:51 PM Nitesh Mor

Pass address instead of ID file as cmdline

17fb1be7 08/09/2017 08:18 PM Nitesh Mor

WIP: Support for routing domain as a parameter

fae9e762 08/08/2017 06:05 PM Nitesh Mor

Add support for router ID to ep_gen

d574e5d2 07/25/2017 01:44 PM Nitesh Mor

New tests for Advertisements

73f71dbe 04/24/2017 11:29 PM Nitesh Mor

Added cmdline option for record size to pytest

ecdc4599 04/24/2017 12:17 PM Nitesh Mor

Change convention: Larger values mean less logging

Use the same convention as the python logging module.

26f4858f 04/24/2017 12:07 PM Nitesh Mor

Break excessively long lines into multiple lines

c5c340ac 04/24/2017 12:02 PM Nitesh Mor

records to be appended as pytest cmdline argument

3f22a108 04/24/2017 01:37 AM Nitesh Mor

Unification of logging specification

Use the same format (with wildcards) for logging from cmdline
module invocation, internal library routine, and pytest.

c5478190 04/24/2017 12:14 AM Nitesh Mor

bugfix for "make X_tests" doesn't compile protobuf

2ee64fec 04/17/2017 03:17 PM Nitesh Mor

parser added to good-names (pylint)

45497e72 04/17/2017 09:51 AM Nitesh Mor

Fixed bad variable names

c3f9523f 04/17/2017 09:37 AM Nitesh Mor

Minor text-flow update; add ep to good names

25747041 04/16/2017 04:48 PM Nitesh Mor

pylint: Ignore no-member from reactor

e10880bf 04/15/2017 05:14 PM Nitesh Mor

pylint: don't complain on ignored files

32709c7e 04/15/2017 04:41 PM Nitesh Mor

pylint: ignore names with well-defined meanings

8a9164c9 04/15/2017 04:00 PM Nitesh Mor

ignore protobuf output from pylint

cf6b1692 04/14/2017 03:11 PM Nitesh Mor

Add running pylint as a target

03063de7 04/04/2017 11:07 PM Nitesh Mor

Cleanup compiled protobuf code on 'make clean'

8ed0b0ac 04/03/2017 12:49 AM Nitesh Mor

Clean up ".cache" directory

dacad10d 04/02/2017 01:12 PM Nitesh Mor

Better termination of switch/server during testing

ffa2a7cd 04/02/2017 01:10 AM Nitesh Mor

Minor fix: use variable instead of hardcoding

8117d79a 04/01/2017 10:21 PM Nitesh Mor

Major cleanup of Makefile. Use variables etc

0b0671e6 04/01/2017 06:14 PM Nitesh Mor

Removed hardcoded log-storage dir from Makefile

b4983021 04/01/2017 06:03 PM Nitesh Mor

Remove hardcoded client state directory

3d9082c2 04/01/2017 05:05 PM Nitesh Mor

cleanup makefile, reomve pre-created client IDs

64ec8afc 04/01/2017 04:34 PM Nitesh Mor

Added profiling to ping test

92e933a2 03/30/2017 05:04 PM Nitesh Mor

Use pytest profiling for generating test-profiles

a08bc134 03/28/2017 01:16 AM Nitesh Mor

Store log information on disk on client side

dba6e775 03/27/2017 03:04 PM Nitesh Mor

new makefile target for running standalone server

d06431d5 03/26/2017 02:25 AM Nitesh Mor

Specify server side data directory

699981c9 03/25/2017 11:49 PM Nitesh Mor

Use disk storage for logs on server side. WIP

fdcdf2b4 03/21/2017 04:02 PM Nitesh Mor

Give time for connections to settle

3d3b4d58 03/21/2017 02:22 AM Nitesh Mor

Longer sleep during testing

1bb8d0d0 03/21/2017 02:08 AM Nitesh Mor

Separated routing tests from log-operations

1cb45f9e 03/21/2017 01:32 AM Nitesh Mor

Basic testing for network using Ping

Needs cleanup

e9b42483 03/21/2017 12:45 AM Nitesh Mor

subclass server/client from a generic agent

Major refactoring. Use IOCore to strictly perform transport
level functions and keeping track of keys, certificates, etc.

Move the concept of request to a generic agent, which acts as a
request factory. The layer below the agent is IOCore....

216de85e 03/08/2017 12:45 PM Nitesh Mor

Restructuring for testing, add logfile for clients

dded16e2 03/07/2017 10:42 PM Nitesh Mor

Use 3 switches instead of just 2 for testing

fc6ec0f2 03/07/2017 07:26 PM Nitesh Mor

Minor config update for py.test

8f4e0083 03/01/2017 12:05 PM Nitesh Mor

Moved pbufs => ds

603833be 02/27/2017 10:21 PM Nitesh Mor

Yet another improvement to switch cmdline exec

476b52db 02/26/2017 02:44 PM Nitesh Mor

add sleep time in makefile

51b077f7 02/25/2017 08:59 PM Nitesh Mor

Updated routing invocation in makefile

54d462ec 02/09/2017 03:57 PM Nitesh Mor

Better testing with two router instances, WIP

7d9ff2a0 01/27/2017 03:24 PM Nitesh Mor

Toward a barebone testing framework

6625f102 01/27/2017 11:39 AM Nitesh Mor

Better makefile. Still needs improvements in tests

cb377a94 01/27/2017 11:13 AM Nitesh Mor

Fixed cmdline initiation mess in router/server

346884d7 01/23/2017 02:21 PM Nitesh Mor

Added high-level usage instructions.