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2ed94520 06/05/2019 10:58 AM Nitesh Mor

replace ## with # in comments. No code changes

689a55b0 10/14/2018 03:16 PM Nitesh Mor

Rename dhtnode => blackbox. WIP

fcb19b8c 10/14/2018 02:23 PM Nitesh Mor

Renaming switch => router.

TODO: DHTnode should be renamed to blackbox. Coming soon.

14108ce5 09/28/2017 09:18 PM Nitesh Mor

DHTNode enabled switch implementation (WIP)

a45ab5fc 09/28/2017 04:03 PM Nitesh Mor

support for individual switches with their own address

48eebe3c 04/15/2017 02:51 PM Nitesh Mor

added docstring

3e7ca409 04/14/2017 03:15 PM Nitesh Mor

Fixed incorrect usage of all in

e9b42483 03/21/2017 12:45 AM Nitesh Mor

subclass server/client from a generic agent

Major refactoring. Use IOCore to strictly perform transport
level functions and keeping track of keys, certificates, etc.

Move the concept of request to a generic agent, which acts as a
request factory. The layer below the agent is IOCore....

cde3d242 03/16/2017 04:54 PM Nitesh Mor

Refactoring: Re-org utils and correct imports

79b471bc 03/06/2017 09:30 PM Nitesh Mor

Refactoring LogFactory => Client

81528ef2 02/25/2017 12:09 PM Nitesh Mor

Moved all protobuf definitions together

faae08a5 02/24/2017 02:16 PM Nitesh Mor

Fixed imports and created appropriate submodules

f9a8923e 02/24/2017 01:49 PM Nitesh Mor

First cut at converting router to switch

fa5d42ac 01/24/2017 11:44 AM Nitesh Mor

Logging improvements

0e6f6a95 01/21/2017 11:29 AM Nitesh Mor

Added type field to metadata

One can identify whether the end-point is a client, log-server,
log, router, or something else. Of course, there is no guarantee
that this will be correct, but it allows one to do stringent

745c08bd 01/18/2017 02:08 PM Nitesh Mor

Initial commit. Partially working core