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2cb72ddd 08/23/2019 01:24 AM Nitesh Mor

increase threadpool size

19ac2fd3 06/20/2019 03:35 PM Nitesh Mor

commented updates to thread name; breaks set_daemon

Somehow, twisted isn't too happy if we change the name of worker
threads, and it keeps them around even after we've told the
reactor thread to act like a daemon

5a1131bc 06/19/2019 03:48 PM Nitesh Mor

More improvements to logging messages

e2fcb12e 06/19/2019 03:40 PM Nitesh Mor

Fix thread names for nicer debugging [hack]

14ce32bb 06/19/2019 02:12 PM Nitesh Mor

Add wrapper around reactor.running

e0934eca 06/05/2019 11:40 AM Nitesh Mor

Reformat files with PyCharm magic [uniform sytle]

2ed94520 06/05/2019 10:58 AM Nitesh Mor

replace ## with # in comments. No code changes

76b56a37 05/29/2019 11:15 AM Nitesh Mor

QoL improvement: handle Ctrl+C and terminate

4a4f8c4e 04/16/2019 04:33 PM Nitesh Mor

Fix pylint complaints

5632deb4 11/11/2018 04:11 PM Nitesh Mor

Increase number of default twisted worker threads

33d8d6f1 10/28/2017 09:55 PM Nitesh Mor

set threadpool size before reactor start

be643bf2 09/14/2017 02:43 PM Nitesh Mor

Add warning for potentially incorrect usage

2db87174 09/14/2017 02:38 PM Nitesh Mor

Option to specify duration the reactor runs for

16e5755a 09/13/2017 10:54 PM Nitesh Mor

utils.run_event_loop() instead of code duplication

6cbbe1b4 04/16/2017 04:48 PM Nitesh Mor

Treat variable as a variable, not constant (pylint)

fb6df5f8 04/14/2017 03:26 PM Nitesh Mor

Removed trailing whitespaces.

8d5113d2 03/21/2017 03:59 PM Nitesh Mor

Fixed missing import

31445721 03/21/2017 11:42 AM Nitesh Mor

Fix race condition in starting event loop

cde3d242 03/16/2017 04:54 PM Nitesh Mor

Refactoring: Re-org utils and correct imports