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gdp-v1 / gdp @ master

Name Size Revision Age Author Comment
  client 1713b64c about 1 year Nitesh Mor Fix sqlite related bug that shows up in pypy C...
  ds 673b0b78 about 1 year Nitesh Mor Implement relative seqno in reads [-ve seqno]
  gdprpc b7e2e4d1 about 1 year Nitesh Mor Ability to specify shorter housekeeping interval
  routing 4d2e1795 about 1 year Nitesh Mor Lock before updating counters
  server ee2ad90e 6 months Nitesh Mor Minor bugfix that returned empty records
  utils de57c3c3 9 months Ubuntu Optimize __sanitize_repeated_fields 579 Bytes 2ed94520 over 1 year Nitesh Mor replace ## with # in comments. No code changes