From 10/14/2016 to 11/12/2016


12:46 AM Support #65 (Closed): Upgrade gdp-01 to Ubuntu 16.04
At this point, it should be back to normal (except MQTT gateway programs, for which the startup situation was hopeles... Nitesh Mor
12:22 AM Support #65 (In Progress): Upgrade gdp-01 to Ubuntu 16.04
The OS has been upgraded, with the log-server and router running. All logs were already migrated to 4TB disk earlier,... Nitesh Mor
12:20 AM Support #18 (Closed): viz tool down?
Probably irrelevant at the moment. Closing this Nitesh Mor
12:20 AM Support #68 (Closed): Build standard BeagleBone image
Done creating an image. Not from the script in `/uhb/mqtt-gateway/`, but rather from instructions here [Part 1](https... Nitesh Mor


01:28 AM Support #66: Get backups running on gdp-0[1234]
It turns out that naively doing an `rsync` is not a very good strategy. Default behavior of `rsync` is
* make a de...
Nitesh Mor
01:15 AM Support #67 (In Progress): Fix corrupt logs & rebuild timestamp indexes
Summary of steps:
* Stopped gdplogd
* Copied all the log data from 1 TB disk to logical volume on 4TB disk
* Poi...
Nitesh Mor

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